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Paying PCOS Forward

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a blog by jennandtonica, May 25, 2010

Hearing a doctor confirm your infertility fears is an earth-shattering moment.

I had been charting my own menstrual cycles (or lack thereof) before my first unofficial PCOS diagnosis, so I knew something wasn't working right.

Having a doctor drop my PCOS diagnosis in my lap was reassuring on one hand -- I was able to start my battle with a direction in which to head -- but on the other hand, I was so very lost. PCOS isn't something with an antibiotic that will cure you. There are countless avenues, some reliant on each other and others that are polar opposites.

What do I do?

Lucky for me, my diagnosis came during this information age. I could feel that so many answers were readily available to me, just at my fingertips, but when you have the whole wide web to start poking around in, where do you start?

For me, the answer was easy. I started with my messageboard friends - ladies who, before me, had been fighting the hard fight for too many cycles to count. Not everyone shared my diagnosis, but many were able to at least define what crazy new abbreviations like FSH, AMH, P4 and such meant.

Along with their own wealth of answers, they recommended other Web sites to check out, books to read, and blogs to follow. They were there to be backup opinions when my chart maybe-just-maybe looked good for a particular cycle. They were there to instruct me how to best take my new medications. They are still there.

    Because of them, I knew my history was questionable and to begin charting my cycles fresh off birth control.

    Because of them, I started seeing my fertility doctor (RE) well within the one-year mark that normally defines a fertility problem.

    Because of them, I didn't waste precious months trying to figure out on my own what my various options were and what route might be most successful.

    Because of them, I have vowed to be vocal about my own battle with infertility.

    Because of them, I try every day to pay forward the help that was given to me.

I learn all I can for myself, but also for Lisa and for Katherine, two women I've connected with who are still new to fighting PCOS. I learn all I can so I can be one of the women I'm so grateful for. I learn so I can pay it forward.

I hope you'll be inspired to do the same.

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