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Infertility Evaluation

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a blog by Joseph A. Hill, III, MD, Fertility Centers of New England, September 16, 2010

A preconception assessment and physical examination for infertility should include the following:

  • height,
  • weight,
  • calculation of body mass index (BMI),
  • blood pressure, and
  • a general assessment for signs of metabolic illness.

Body build (habitus) should be defined, and the presence of excess air growth or other signs of abnormal male hormones should be recorded.

The breasts should be examined for signs of discharge.

The pelvic examination should look for signs of infection or previous trauma. The size, shape and consistency of the uterus should also be noted, along with a pelvic ultrasound examination looking for:

  • primordial ovarian follicles,
  • abnormal ovarian cysts,
  • uterine fibroids, or
  • polyps.
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