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Fertility in the Year of the Snake

Year of the Snake

a blog by Jennifer Redmond, February 10, 2013

February 10, 2013, marks the start of the Chinese New Year. This is year of the Black Water Snake. The snake is the sixth sign of the Chinese zodiac.

What is the significance of the Year of the Snake for women trying to conceive? I talked with Lyn Swirda, a licensed acupuncturist in Brookline, MA, to learn more.

Q: Is the snake associated with fertility?
A: As far back as the Garden of Eden the snake has been associated with fertility, passion and sexual desire. In Hinduism, the symbol of two snakes (representing yin and yang) twisting seven times upward together around a wooden staff represents the seven chakras or energy centers of the body. We also see a similar symbol with the Caduceus staff, the emblem of Western medicine and healing.

The snake lays many, many eggs and they shed their skins regularly, which may be why they are associated with fertility, rebirth, transformation and the continual renewal of life.

Q: According to Chinese astrology, is the Year of the Water Snake a good year to try to conceive?
A: The Year of the Snake, specifically this year, the Black Water Snake, which only occurs every 60 years, is an extremely auspicious year for fertility, planning and the dance between introspection and activity. It is a Yin year, governed by feminine energy (planning and strategizing) that is then propelled into action by yang energy (go out and make it happen) that was generated in in 2012, the Year of the Dragon.

Q: Any advice for would-be parents in the year of the snake?
A: The Snake years are some of the most desirable years in the Chinese zodiac because they combine the power of intuition and planning with internal rhythms and stirrings from our deepest desires and spirit. Get to know and understand your natural rhythms, align diet, exercise and rest with the demands of the season, create a fertility plan that balances being and doing. Cultivate Yin, the quiet inner strength that gives birth to strong will power and action.


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