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Food for Fertility

Food for Fertility

To help patients with weight-related infertility - hormonal disruption, ovulation disorders and PCOS - Seattle Reproductive Medicine has partnered with Judy Simon MS, RD, CD, CHES, to lead their Food for Fertility program. The main goal of the seven-week program is to help women live healthier lifestyles and lose weight.

“This is not a diet,” Simon stresses. “A diet is restrictive; we use more of a non-dieting approach.” Instead she promotes a healthy lifestyle with all the foods that would support preconception and pregnancy health. The program tackles barriers to healthy lifestyle, and instills healthy eating, self-care, and a focus on mindfulness and dealing with stress in a hands-on setting.

At the beginning and end of the program, each participant undergoes a health assessment and metabolic screening. “The wonderful thing is when these women do get pregnant, they’ve not only lost enough weight to have a successful IVF, but they do so much better in their pregnancies, because they are eating better,” according to Simon.

If that’s not enough, the program’s side effects include boosted confidence levels, improved sleep and increased support from people in their lives. It seems that Food for Fertility is fuel for life.


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