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Pee Stick Intervention

a blog by Julie Monacelli, September 11, 2013

I’m newly married as of 10 days ago. I have a confession that I probably should have told my wonderful hubby before he put the second ring on my finger. I’m a home pregnancy test (HPT) hoarder. I didn’t realize the depth of my problem until I was driving to work after returning from my wedding in Vegas. I was digging through my car looking for Rhianna, when I opened the center console and found a single pee stick. Not in a box, just the wrapper. Clearly, after a year I don’t NEED the instructions, but this led me to wonder what the heck I was thinking when I put it there. How did I think I was going to pee on it in the car?

On my honeymoon, I had three in my medication bag with my injections. One was in my purse. And, I hid one in my shoes, which I forgot about until I got home. I was actually upset because I didn’t think I packed enough and considered buying some while I was there.

Flash back to two IVF cycles ago. A fellow cycler on one of the boards (on and I transferred 5 day blasts on the same day. She and I had a similar affliction; we have an addiction to home pregnancy tests. She has a much more controlled, precise mind. My mind is like a squirrel on crack when I am hormonal, a bit unpredictable. I believe it was five days post transfer we came up with the idea for a "pee-off". My friend came up with the terms of the contest. Two women, opposite ends of the country will simultaneously POAS (pee-on-a-stick). Not one, but two brands. We will retest to confirm results, and we will use a control solution to verify the tests are valid (husbands' urine). Are you catching the fact that we are dragging our husbands into the insanity?

I already had 20 of the online brand tests at home, and I had two of the stick tests that need a much higher level of beta hcg. So, off to WalMart I went for the gold standard pink box of pee sticks cherished by women across the country that detect a very low level. Might as well stock up right? Two boxes of 3 packs and a couple of the cheap WalMart store brand versions that are under a buck then I headed toward the checkout. I didn't think anything of it, until the cashier looked at me like I have a problem. “School project” I offered. I’m 40, what the hell kind of school project could I be undertaking?

For the record, I had coupons. My "pee-off" was negative, but my friend was amazingly positive and I am very happy for her. Many of you are probably collecting your pee-sticks from around the house right now so you don’t sound like the crazy blogger online… You can send them to my house. I will store them for you.

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