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Give Back to the Infertility Community: National Volunteer Month

a blog by Kim Griffiths, April 16, 2013

April is National Volunteer Month and what better way to celebrate than by dedicating your time to the infertility community? There are several ways you can volunteer in the fertility space whether you prefer to remain anonymous or shout it from the rooftops.

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association

RESOLVE organizes events and services to help couples coping with infertility. Some of those services include support groups led by fellow fertility patients and a helpline for those in need of additional support. Without the help of volunteers, many of these services would not be available. Here are some ways you can volunteer with RESOLVE:

  • Peer Led Support Group Hosts: You have walked the path of infertility and remember the struggle all too well. You may be currently seeking fertility treatment, or have resolved your family building journey, but you have decided it is time to give back. If you have between two and four hours per month to dedicate to volunteering, this might be the role for you! RESOLVE trains all Peer Led Support Group hosts and provides teleseminars to continue your support group education and training. RESOLVE staff is easily accessible via phone and email should any questions or logistical issues come up while running your group.

  • HelpLine Volunteer: If you have two hours per month to dedicate to infertility support, this could be your calling (no pun intended)! Provide support and information to fertility patients in need of a shoulder to cry on, a sounding board, or some fertility references. Training is provided.

  • Local RESOLVE Coordinators: Local coordinators assist with recruiting prospective volunteers, organizing events, and responding to inquiries about RESOLVE activities. This role requires between two to four hours of service per month. RESOLVE trains local coordinators. is the world’s largest social networking site focusing on infertility. It is designed to provide support and information to women and men struggling to build their families via fertility treatment and adoption, and helps them transition into the parenting role with forums dedicated to an array of fertility and parenting topics.

  • Fertile Thoughts Board Coordinator: If you have been diagnosed with an infertility condition or have experience with a specific aspect of fertility treatment, this could be the opportunity for you! As a Board Coordinator, you can help women and men who are new to fertility treatment, teach them what you know about infertility, and share resources like the articles written on and contact information for the Patient Care Coordinators to help users find a fertility doctor in their area. You will gain a sense of fulfillment and friendship just by welcoming new members and replying to questions. Contact KimAtFertilityAuthority for more information on volunteering as a Board Coordinator.

Comments (2)

My name is Angela Mangan and I am the Clinicsl Nursing Supervisor for The Reproductive Resource Services Team at Optum. I am looking for ideas/suggestions for my team to volunteer their time as it relates to infertility. I wanted some additional information about volunteering phone hours-this is what we do every day for members so I think this would be a good fit. Also looking for other suggestions-the majority of our team resides in the Chicagoland area. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thank you, Angela Mangan BSN, CCM

Hi Angela,

You should visit for information on volunteering.


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