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Miss USA Contestant Raises Infertility Awareness

a blog by Kim Griffiths, May 26, 2013

Miss USA contestant Jaclyn Schultz, a 24 year old from Michigan, is bringing more to the table than just a beautiful face and love of the arts. She is serving as the spokeswoman of Beautiful You MRKH Foundation, making it her mission to educate and empower women suffering from Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome- a condition which causes infertility or trouble trying to conceive. The cause hits close to home for Jaclyn because she was born without a uterus as a result of MRKH.

The primary symptom of MRKH is absence of menstruation at the age of 16. It affects 1 in every 4,500 girls and is believed to be the result of genetic and environmental factors. Women with MRKH have normally functioning ovaries, so although they may not be able to carry a pregnancy, they can conceive a biological child through use of their own eggs and a gestational carrier.

In addition to her work with Beautiful You MRKH Foundation, Jaclyn has also partnered with Bethany Adoption Services to raise awareness about reproductive options, including adoption and foster care, for women with MRKH. Quite an impressive resume for such a young woman!


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