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The Wizardly World of Infertility

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a blog by Krissi McVicker, October 8, 2012

Last night, I finally watched the last Harry Potter movie that my husband and I have been wanting to see for a while. I know the DVD came out nearly a year ago but finding the time (and mustering up enough energy) to watch a movie around here is a real luxury. Now, I've watched each movie but my husband actually read the whole series and loved them all. He was even reading a couple of them while we were going through our first rounds of IVF, which I'm sure was a welcomed retreat back then.

So, I started wondering about the magical world of wizards and how Harry Potter's journey can relate to the crazy infertility journey. Harry seems to be a true unlikely hero, learning from the beginning that he has a unique fate with many challenges. When you first found out about your infertility, it may have seemed like you were about to embark on an extremely challenging, uphill battle. And you may have considered yourself an unlikely hero to have success while everyone around you became pregnant and moved on.

The magical world was a scary unknown realm for Harry. Getting to the platform of 9 3/4 to board the train to Hogwarts, learning to fly his broom for the first time, and ultimately trying to fit in with a huge scar on his forehead was difficult at best. Similarly, when we're making appointments and fielding vulnerable procedures, walking around with possible bruises from injections and scars on our hearts, we may feel like we just don't fit into the fertile world around us. And Harry's battle with 'the one who shall not be mentioned' is similar again to the silent epidemic we all suffer from. We don't dare want to talk about it and feel like we're facing it all on our own. But, just as Harry grew and learned to rely on his friends for guidance and support, we can do the same.

We may not like the fate that was handed to us. We may not know how to overcome it. But just like wizards who figure out how to overcome their challenges with spells and potions, we may have a wizardly way with special potions in the form of injections and/or medications and spells we are put under. When science and nature mix and make the impossible possible, miracles can happen. It's pure magic.

So, ready your wands, say a little spell, try a potion or two, and let magic take it's course.


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