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Good Karma

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a blog by Krissi McVicker, October 15, 2012

When I discovered many wonderful apps for children, I downloaded them to my iPhone for the random moments we need to keep the kids occupied. Then, my children wanted to use it all the time and when it became too much, I decided to get them an iPod Touch of their own to share. Well, recently, they lost it and when it didn't turn up for a while, I figured it was gone for good. Until I got an e-mail from an honest good Samaritan who told me he found it. After a few e-mails back and forth, we met and when I got it from him, my kids were thrilled!

The very next day, my husband, who commutes to work via the train, fell asleep next to a man on his Nook. When he woke up, the Nook was sitting on the seat next to him and the man was gone. So, my husband immediately thought of the good Samaritan who helped us out with our iPod Touch and wanted to do the same for this man. So, he e-mailed him from the contact info he found and they met the next day at the train station to return the lost item to it's rightful owner. It really was good Karma!

I learned the hard way that when it comes to fate, there are some things you just can't control. Things will get lost, things won't always happen they way we want them to, people will die, move on, or change and you need to grieve, move on, and adapt. But when something happens, it always causes other things to happen as well. When one door closes, another opens. And, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason.

When we have an ounce or two of "bad" karma and feeling like we're always on the other side of a lucky coin toss, we may feel "due" for good things to happen. But fate has it's own timeline and a sneaky way of revealing lessons that we may not understand right away but they may be unveiled in their own wondrous ways. And then, after some reflections, we can pay it forward.

My infertility was an extreme hardship. Coupled with the passing of my mother, it was the most difficult time period of my life. But now I write to bring a little peace to others who may be struggling. It's my own way of having a good effect come from such a bad cause. Of course, my children were the best effect to come out of my journey. But my memoir, my blog and this blog heals me just as I hope it heals you in some small way. It gives my infertility purpose, and an ounce of good karma to pass along.


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