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Build Your Nest

a blog by Krissi McVicker, June 8, 2012

Recently, I found something quite naturally beautiful right outside my living room window; a nest with four tiny baby birds. And, as I watched the mother bird fly around to find food and feed her babies, I was in awe. The nest looked so small, yet so uniquely designed. And beneath it hung a purple ribbon blowing in the wind. I was amazed by the blue nylon string that looked as though it was securing the nest in place around the branch. Crafty little creatures, these orange breasted birds. And it got me thinking about the nest, the safety net of life.

  • Your home: The nest that is your sanctuary. The place where you can kick off your shoes, loosen your feathers and feel at home. You are protected from the world around you; the world that may not understand your troubles.
  • Your fertility doctor's office: The nest that feeds you what you need: advice, hormones, treatments. It welcomes you in and keeps you informed and educated, until you're ready to leave the coop.
  • Your blog: The nest that keeps you safe from the insensitivities of the fertile world. A virtual space where you can vent, be heard and feel connected to others who "get it."
  • The arms of your loved ones: The nest that gives you warmth; the place where it's OK to cry, to fall apart for a moment and get lifted back up. This nest will be there when you need it and let you go when you need that too.

Build your nest, your refuge. The warm, cozy place you need to shelter you from the storm. It will help you survive just as a nest does for baby birds. And then, you can fly.

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