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Let's Hear it For The Dads!

a blog by Krissi McVicker, June 15, 2012

Let's hear it for all the dads! The dads who have always been there, the dads who have held our hands, who call, who send flowers and say "I'm proud of you!" and "I love you!" For the dads who share wonderful stories and memories of our childhoods and leave us smiling and hoping for the same bonds with our own children. The dads who may not be able to understand our pain, but who try to be there in the only way they can, giving us their time, their shoulders, their protection. For all the dads who are grandpas-to-be waiting in the wings, who pray, support and show endless, unconditional love.

Let's hear it for all the dads-to-be! Those that hold our hands, count days and follicles at scans, who call to check on appointment results, who send flowers and say "We can do this!" "We are strong," and "I love you!" For all those who dream with us and share future stories of what children and a family may bring. The dads-to-be who are there with us through every cycle and treatment, fighting the good fight day after day and night after night. And, of course, those who shelter us from the hurt while they are hurting right along with us. For all the dads who are waiting, hoping, praying right along with us. For those who show love and support like no other can.

They are all everyday heroes. Happy Father's Day to all!

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