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Somewhere Else

a blog by Krissi McVicker, June 15, 2012

This time of year, everyone likes to travel. And if you can take a vacation somewhere else, then your body can recharge, your soul can be refreshed, and your spirits can be lifted again.

Somewhere else can be across the seas, around the world, on a cruise to nowhere, or just hours or even minutes from where you are now. You can spend a pretty penny to a far away land filled with enchantment, or you can scrounge up a few bucks for a weekend getaway to a Bed and Breakfast. Either way, this vacation is a must for any stressed out, overworked person needing a little rest and relaxation. But it is especially a great way to unwind and escape from the hell of infertility.

Now, taking a vacation is not the advice I’m going to give you to “get pregnant.” We’ve most probably all heard this before. Even I rolled my eyes when it was said to me. I knew deep down that no amount of sun, sand, or fruity cocktails with umbrellas in them would change my husband’s less than perfect sperm. But, it would have been a nice diversion from the follicle checking, the hormone injecting, and the constant anxiety of uncertain cycles.

Escaping our realities, at least for a little while, is a nice reprieve. We can be anyone, anywhere. And, though we may not be totally open with our infertility in our “real life,” we can disappear and get away from the questions, unsolicited advice and whispers. We can make up our own identities and fulfill wild fantasies. Without a care in the world, we may actually have a little fun. F-U-N, it’s a three-letter word that doesn’t exactly go with infertility. But when we are impatiently waiting for the four-letter word that starts with a B, it's a three-letter word that can be a welcome retreat.

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