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The Odd Life

a blog by Krissi McVicker, August 9, 2012

Have you heard about the new movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green which opens on August 15th? After viewing the trailer, this movie looks like it will not disappoint as a tear jerker film where you may leave with that "feel-good" up-lifting feeling.

Having a couple be told, "There’s nothing more we can do," and then have to bury their dream in the garden would be heartbreaking to endure let alone watch unfold on screen. But leave it to Disney to make a little magic as this couple's perfect child suddenly appears as a ten year old boy. Now we can blame Disney for making a film with an impossible response to infertility, glossing it over, or using it as a simple plot device and nothing more. (And believe me; I would love a film to be released that really portrays not only the heartbreak but the heart-warming journey an infertile couple can go through.) Or, we can treasure the deeper message here.

Although we may all wish our children could just appear, in reality, this kind of miracle could never come true. But what we are left with is hope. The dream doesn't have to be buried or left behind. If we believe in what might be, or what could have been, perhaps miraculous things can happen. Decisions can be made, life can sprout and grow, or suddenly be found, different paths can be explored and exhausted, and peace may come. Some kind of resolution can be made.

When we are young and effortlessly happy, we dream about what kind of perfect lives we will live: the perfect spouse, the perfect house, the perfect kids. But then life has a funny way of making things messy and challenging. Perhaps it's the imperfections that make it truly perfect, all wrapped up with their own life lessons that have a wondrous ways of revealing their purpose and making us who we are; making us better.

No, we can't just dream the perfect life and then have it suddenly appear. There are always obstacles in the way, whether you're infertile or not. But if we appreciate the life we have, the one that unfolds before us, the connections and decisions we make can have an impact. The Odd Life of Timothy Green can teach us to appreciate that. He may not be the answer to infertility. But, our odd lives can intermingle and leave us feeling hopeful with no regrets.


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