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Excuse Me, are Those Eggs Expired?


a blog by LaShaundra Seale

Personally having survived the blessing and tortures of IVF, I can totally relate to yearning to cradle a baby in your arms at almost any cost. I say it is a blessing because I was just glad that my husband and I were able to scrape together the funds to undergo the procedure. The torture part, well that comes in with all of the injections and blood-draws. Oh, and let’s not forget the egg retrieval. Oh what a joy! Actually, it really wasn’t that bad because, like thousands of other women, I was ready to do whatever it took to have a baby of my very own.

I am all for the use of donor eggs when they are needed. But, how old is too old? How old is too old to conceive, birth, and raise a child? These types of questions come to mind with the recent death of Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara, who was coined “the oldest mother in the world." Maria was from Spain. She visited an L.A. fertility clinic, lied about her age, used IVF and donor eggs and became pregnant with twins. Maria was 66 years old at the time of her twin’s birth. She died two weeks ago at the age of 69, leaving twin 2-year olds motherless.

Now I know whether you have a baby at the age of 20, or the age of 45, you could die at anytime leaving that child motherless. The reality is, however, you are more likely to die over the age of 65 than you are during “normal” child-bearing years.

No one can fully blame Maria for wanting children. So many of us want children.
But our responsibility as hopeful, future parents, is to desire what is best for our children. It is also the responsibility of the fertility clinic to collect all background information and documents, and make sure they are all legitimate. This should be the clinic’s main concern before performing life-changing medical procedures on anyone.

The cut-off age for adopting with several domestic adoption agencies is 45 years of age. Maybe it’s time for the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) world to do the same.

As bad as many of us want to conceive and deliver a healthy baby, that is just the beginning. It is also our responsibility to nurture, teach, and guide these beautiful children through their youth and into adulthood when possible.

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