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A.R.T. Study Anyone?


a blog by lashaundra, Feb. 3, 2010

Though the current economy is making the most spend-happy people turn frugal, saving money is nothing new to those undergoing fertility treatments. When my husband and I were gearing up for our first IVF, we found creative ways to save money. We started bringing our lunches to work, shopped less, looked for jobs that covered IVF, and considered taking second jobs.

I bring this up because the fact is, though people are losing their jobs, houses, and cars in this current economy, they still want babies and their biological clocks are still ticking. A little known fact in the fertility community is some fertility clinics offer fertility research studies.

Some fertility clinics -- usually the larger ones -- will pay part or all of an IVF cycle in return for a patient undergoing a fertility research study. Usually the patient has to have been previously diagnosed with infertility and they have to be within a certain age range. One clinic offering study opportunities is Georgia Reproduction Specialists.

Participating in a research study may not be for all couples -- especially if the research study site is out of state -- but for some, it’s something to consider. Of course, the key is getting accepted to a study.

Until then, happy fertility fund saving. I always thought a great Mastercard ad would be, “Gonal F - $750. IVF - $12,000.00. Feeling of looking into your newborn’s eyes? Priceless!!”

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