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International Adoption: Is It for You?

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a blog by lashaundra, April 8, 2010

With the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, many Americans are giving second thoughts to international adoption. Of course, Haitian adoptions have temporarily been halted, but this is definitely an avenue to explore once the country has re-opened for adoption.

Adoption is usually a well thought out process, in which all the pros and cons have been weighed. Once you have decided to adopt, international adoption can be a great choice. The average wait for receiving a child in an international adoption is 12 – 18 months.

Many people decide not to adopt because they fear a failed adoption, in which the birthmother changes her mind and decides against relinquishing the child. With international adoptions, that is rarely a concern, as parental rights have already been terminated by the time the adoptive family knows of the child.

International adoption does have a few drawbacks. An adoptive family typically has to travel to another country (sometimes more than once) for the adoption. The adoptive family also has to be prepared to stay in the country anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for the adoption. Plus, when you adopt internationally, you will not receive newborn. The average age of an international adoptee is anywhere from three months old to four years old. More often, you will not have a chance to meet the birthparents or know the child’s medical back ground. The child’s birthmother may have had little or no prenatal care. Lastly, there is a lot of paperwork involved. But, in my opinion, all of these things are minor in comparison to holding your child for the first time.

Though Haiti adoptions have been put on hold, here are a few facts about Haitian adoptions that may help you at a later date. The average Haitian adoptee is between one and four years of age. Older children and teenagers are also available. And both male and female children are available. From the time an application is completed, it usually takes 12-18 months to receive a child. The home study takes six to eight weeks weeks. Child identification takes one to eight weeks. Preparation of a dossier takes three months. And final approval from the Haitian Adoption Authority takes 10 to 14 months. Two trips to Haiti will be required, totaling six to nine days.

For more information, you can read this website about adoption in Haiti or read the U.S. State Department’s Intercountry Adoption website.


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