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The Royal Baby Watch

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a blog by lashaundra, May 5, 2011

Like many Americans, I was glued to the TV as Prince William married Katherine Middleton. I was really happy for both of them.

A couple of days later I was reading a headline regarding the couple having children. I thought, "Can't they wait for the ink on the marriage certificate to dry first?!"

As I continued reading the article, it stated that if Kate did not get pregnant within nine months, it would be defying 200 years of royal tradition, Talk about pressure! Besides the fact that Kate may not be ready to start a family within the first year, what if she can't?

Then the panic set in as I thought, what if this woman has trouble conceiving? Will everyone be understanding? Infertility is difficult and painful enough without an entire monarchy demanding you produce an heir within a year of marriage.

Calm reasoning reappeared as I realized most women are able to conceive with no problem. Also, Prince William seems to really love his bride, and it's already evident that he shelters her as much as he can. Therefore, if infertility would rear its ugly head, I'm sure the couple would handle it with the same poise and elegance that they have handled everything so far.

Well wishes to the newly married couple, and may they produce an heir and a spare as soon as their hearts desire to do so.

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