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Adoption Is a Wonderful Journey

a blog by lashaundra, September 20, 2012

Adoption is a wonderful journey many have chose to take. Adoptive parents are overjoyed to have the honor of adopting a child. Like most parents, adoptive parents are protective of their children. While open adoption is a wonderful aspect of adoption, all adoptions are not open. Some are semi-open, meaning there is limited contact between the birth family and adoptive families. While some adoptions in 2012 are closed. Where there is no contact or exchange of information between the birth family and adoptive family. It's a personal choice. Adoptive parents also have the concern of waiting until the time is right to share their child's birth story with their child. Some adoptive children always know they are adopted. Some adoptive parents may wait until the child is older and have "the talk" with them. While others may learn in different ways. There is no right and wrong way. It's whatever is best for the child and their family. Once the child is familiar with their birth story, it is up to him or her whether or not they share their story with friends, classmates, and acquaintances. It's just that, "their story," to cherish privately, or share with others.

My own beautiful son, came to us through the blessing of adoption. He's five, and he already knows, "he didn't grow in mommy's tummy." While at swim lessons recently, a fellow mom commented, how tall my son was for his age. His father and I are average height. I told her he was adopted. I always say this with a smile on my face. Because the entire experience has been nothing short of a blessing for myself and our family. Also, for some reason "adoption" makes some people uncomfortable. By saying "he's adopted," with a smile, others know how wonderful it truly is.

As mentioned earlier, it is each individual's choice to divulge as much or as little information concerning their personal story. This is why I was astonished when 2012 U.S. Olympic gymnast John Orozco was in the media as much for people inquiring about his biology, as he was for his olympic feats. When you google his name, several articles asking, if he is adopted show up. John and his parents have graciously opted out of answering these questions. As a fellow adoptive mom, I want to say, leave them alone. Concentrate on his Olympic accomplishments. Whether John Orozco is adopted or not, it's evident, he was raised in a healthy, supportive family, that assisted him in making it all the way to the 2012 Olympics.


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