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Why I Love My Period, In Spite of Everything

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a blog by Lisa Rosenthal, October 2, 2012

I love getting my period.

Let me say that again.

I love getting my period.

I love seeing the actual, physical evidence of my endometrial lining shedding. I love the discomfort and even the annoyance of having to manage the flow. Yes, I know there may be more thrilling things in life than menstruating. But maybe not when you’re trying to have a baby. And even that sounds backwards, doesn’t it? Why would I want to get my period if I want a baby? Wouldn’t I want to NOT get my period?

For me though, not getting my period was an important sign of being unable to conceive. It was about my body not functioning properly. Never knowing when it was coming made fertility treatment that much more challenging. Who ever knew when day three would actually be? There was never any predicting how long my cycle would be, when it would come or even when it would end. How does day 67 sound to you when you’re trying to figure out a fertility treatment cycle? Or a vacation? Or a family holiday?
Talk about no control. Talk about no illusions of control.

I hear women complaining about it. Sometimes bitterly. Sometimes as though it’s the biggest nuisance and most troublesome aspect of their lives. I envied women who got their periods regularly. Who knew because of menstrual pains that their period was on the way. My period was a nuisance that I welcomed with open arms. It was the first step to getting pregnant. In my mind, it all started there. No period, no chance of pregnancy. How many times was I fooled into thinking maybe I was pregnant? Let’s just say that I should have bought stock in pregnancy test kits. If I had, I would be wealthier than I could even imagine.

So, yes, no typo’s here.

I love getting my period.

What a reassuring reminder that my body is behaving just the way it should.