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Viva la Resolution!

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a blog by Liz

I don't really like New Year's resolutions, in the same way I don't think that you should wait until Monday to start a diet. But on a random day in April, with a good four months of an enforced TTC break to come, the time is ripe for renewed resolve.

The good thing about declaring my resolutions now is that I can omit the ones I have already broken:

No more than one cup of tea a day.
Hah! Do you know how cold it is in London? Not a chance of success on that.
Take an evening class.
I did actually sign up for one but it was cancelled due to lack of enrollments. I tried...

Then there were my sister’s suggestions . . .

Babysit for my two nephews once a month (to practice for motherhood).
The self-serving witch must think I am simple. It was hard enough when there was just one and now there are two to contend with . . . I don’t think so, honey!
Enact, with the husband, the entire Karma Sutra. Does the woman know that many of the positions require a double-jointed penis? The husband is good, but not that good. (Not sure that FertilityAuthority is going to thank me for the search hits they get from that one.)

So with failed resolutions behind me, here are the ones I’m still going for:

Clear out my spare room, and keep it clear.
We have a two bedroom flat. The second room was always planned to be the nursery, but quickly has become a dumping ground which currently houses, amongst other things: two vacuum cleaners (one broken – why have I kept the broken one? No, really, why?), a record player I’ve been meaning to put on eBay for two years, a mirror that has never been hung on the wall, and a spare fold-up bed (despite the fact that everyone who comes to stay sleeps on the sofa bed in the sitting room, because there is no space in the spare room.) I always figured it I would clear the room once I was pregnant, but that hasn’t happened. Maybe there is some feng shui law that deems until the room is cleared for a baby, the womb won’t be cleared for a baby . . . maybe.
Get fit.
Have you seen this? Allow me to just reiterate a salient point: Many OB/GYNs describe labour as strenuous as running a marathon. Seriously? Now is the time to get fit whilst I don’t have to worry about hurting a fetus.
Avoid the whole “this time next year” fantasy.
It doesn’t help. It makes me miserable when I realise that last Christmas I was thinking that by this Christmas I’d have a baby. Now that I know I can’t even start trying again until July, I’ve got a minimum of 15 months before I become a Mum.
Enjoy myself.
I refuse to spend this enforced break pining and waiting. I once read about a woman who had spent a decade trying to have a baby, the most poignant quote was that she “felt she had wasted her thirties.”

I don’t intend to do that.

Now pass me a drink (because I can).

So that's my resolution status check.
What were your resolutions? How many have you stuck to? And have you got new ones?

Comments (2)

Hey Liz,

This could be a productive time for you -- hopefully in more ways than one!

I smiled when I read "Get Fit." Took me back to 1997 when I ran the NYC marathon. Shortly thereafter, my marathon buddy and I went to visit another girlfriend who had just a baby and was in the hospital.

"So how bad was it?" we asked. "Not as painful as running 26 miles without stopping, right?" We were sure we had it covered. She looked us straight in the eye and asked "Well, let me put it this way, did you scream and cry when you were running the marathon?"

And THAT was the end of THAT conversation . . . .

Here's wishing you productivity . . .


While we're socialized to plan, plan, plan, it's much healthier to simply live, live, live.

p.s. My 30s weren't totally lost, there were the trips to Tahiti, Hawaii and France, hikes in the Redwoods and down to the ocean, visits to nightclubs, spas and wineries, romantic weekends with no schedule at all...there's much more, but in the blue funk that can accompany TTC, it's easy to forget the good things in life.

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