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IUI: What to Expect

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a blog by Liz

At the moment, I am closer to being pregnant than I have been for years. Maybe forever. I’ve just had Interuterine Insemination (IUI).

I was prescribed clomid to kick start my dormant ovaries into action. I had heard numerous horror stories about its side-effects so I was expecting hot flushes, mood swings and general bitchiness. In a way I was quite looking forward to them, just because then I would know that the drugs were working. But . . . nothing.

I felt normal.

Completely, boringly, asymptomatically normal.

About six days after finishing my last pill I had to start testing for ovulation. Forget the cheap tests, this deserved something special. So I splurged on digital tests.

Friday, eight days after my first pill, I got a blank face

Saturday, repeat

Sunday, again no indication of any ovary action.

But just when I was beginning to give up, on Monday morning, I got the smiling-signal to go. That smile was only matched by mine as I went in to the hospital to get a scan to confirm that ovulation really was imminent.

The scan showed two good-sized follicles on the point of bursting, a third follicle was a little small but still a contender. There is a fine line between success and too much of a good thing. If I had had more than three potentially viable sperm the IUI would have been cancelled as the risk of multiples would be too great. So this was a perfect result.

We had the green light to have the IUI.

My husband turned up an hour earlier to go to the tiny little room, leaf through their low-grade porn and well, I don’t need to spell it out, do I?

An hour later I was across the hall inspecting a vial of bubble-gum pink liquid. (That isn’t his normal colour I hasten to add, but this specimen had been dyed, washed, counted and proven worthy). I checked to make sure the name, date of birth and hospital number matched mine to allay my fear of a possible mix-up.

Then the nurse ratcheted me open with a speculum that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a torture chamber. This was by far the most painful bit, but it was very easy to bear knowing of the possible outcome. She inserted a catheter through the my cervix and, one squirt later, we were done.

In all, it took less than five minutes and afterwards it felt slightly anti-climactic. And at this point, as tempting as it is (and for the sake of my marriage), I refuse to make any comparisons here with the old-fashioned conception method!

Afterwards I had a slight ache high in the centre of my torso, which lasted for the rest of the day. But no other side effects (unless you count my massive grin and hopeful, speculative abstinence of caffeine and alcohol

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Hi there! Thanks so much for sharing your story! I too am going through IUI for the first time...12 dpo (days past ovulation, for those of you just getting into this). My husband and I have been actively trying for two years, and to be honest, it's become a bit less than we both dreamt it to be. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis, but have had three laparoscopies and been faithful with staying on the pill to prevent excessive growth (until we decided to try). I should also add that I have a 9 year old daughter from a previous marriage, so I know it's possible...well, back in the dark ages it was. :) The next step was for us to have my husband checked... Apparently he has super swimmers (576 million...they are happy with 20 million), but he does have varicocele. They put him on Clomid for that too and it seems to have helped with his low "T" without lowering the simmers. I have to be honest...intimacy has become an issue with all of the "timing of everything, so we decided to turn to IUI. IUI isn't exactly how you dream of conceiving, but when you have tried as long as we have it's time to take it to another level...and I may have forgotten to mention that I work for a 40 OBGYN group who also do some fertility treatment. So, now I am 12 dpo, and cautiously optimistic. We did Femara and then a sono, to confirm ovulation, then the hCG day the insemination. I am wondering if you conceived through IUI or if it had to move on to IVF? It seems like IUI isn't a very viable route...not much success.... Has that been your experience? Thanks for your help! I am discovering that it seems like there

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