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The Two-Week Wait

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I often take my dog for a walk down the canal near where I live in central London. Under one bridge, rather than normal street illumination, there is blue florescent lighting.

It isn’t an art installation.

It is (rather unappetisingly) there so that anyone wanting to shoot-up under cover of the bridge won’t be able to find their blue veins under the UV lights. An interesting a glimpse into the drug-ridden underbelly of London, yes? I’m sure you’re wondering why I am telling you this.

It’s the blue veins.

I have become obsessed with finding them.

My IUI in August unfortunately didn’t result in a pregnancy. But, like so many of you, I spent the two weeks after it frantically analysing every ache, twinge and mood swing. And everything I experienced I typed straight into a search engine to see exactly what the internet pulled up in terms of pregnancy symptoms.

The most obvious, and painful, was my aching breasts. Surely, I decided, they were never this painful before a normal period. I became convinced it was a sign. That it was the sign.

I wouldn’t let myself test early, but I’d sit at work and discreetly lean into my arm squeezing my boob and feeling the thrill of pain jolt through my body. Yup, I was delighted. This was going to be it!

And then one of my trawls of the Web brought up an unexpected fact.

I knew that my breasts got tender both before my period but also, in theory before pregnancy. A point of difference seems to be that during early pregnancy you don’t just get the tenderness, you also get a maze of blue veins popping up.

So I immediately whipped out my boobs. (Luckily I was searching the Internet in the privacy of my own home, not at work.) I am fortunate to be rather well-endowed so I was able to get a proper eyeful. Unfortunately whatever angle I looked, those puppies were smooth and veinless. And, as I said, I wasn’t pregnant.

See, this is where the rambling introduction comes in. I am now in another two week wait. I didn’t have IUI this month (they are rationing me to one month on, one month off at the moment), but no matter, I am back chest-checking.

So far no signs of the veins. And yes, I’ve double-checked; my light bulbs are definitely not blue.

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