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A TTC Fairytale


a blog by liz

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, across a large pond was a small kingdom laughably granted the moniker “Great.” In this kingdom lived a couple. When they met, many years before, they believed that they had each found their true love and would never be unhappy again. But this couple had been cursed by a wicked witch.

Approximately once a month the evil old hag visited the woman (we’ll call her Liz) and put a curse on her that would strike her down and cause her to bleed copious amounts of blood, despite having no wound – for this was a magical disease. Liz wanted a child more than anything and every month she would do all she could to prevent the witch from coming again with her foul curse. But to no avail.

Eventually the couple approached one of the wisest people in the kingdom, Doc, and asked what they could do to break the spell. Doc looked at her gravely and said, “I have access to powerful magic, but it will be a long and heartbreaking process and there is no guarantee that it will work.” The couple held hands tightly and promised to do whatever it would take to rid Liz of the witch’s spell and bring a child into their lives.

Doc produced a handful of small, unremarkable looking pills. He gave them to Liz saying, “Next time the witch visits take one of these pills, and take one everyday for five days. The pills contain a potion called Clomid and when you take them you will be visited by my six brothers. They will try to make you stop taking the pills and plunge you into a pit of despair but you must ignore them and carry on. On the eleventh day you must return to me.”

And so it came to pass that, once again, the witch appeared; Liz was in great pain and distress. But she did as she was told and took a pill. At first everything seemed normal, but then she was visit by the first of the six brothers, Dopey. She started making small mistakes and forgetting what she was saying mid- . . .

But still she persevered. The next brother, Sleepy, made going to work difficult. But once again she heeded Doc’s words and carried on. The other brothers came too; Grumpy, Angry, Sweaty and Achy. (Bashful, Sneezy and Happy are mere myth, apparently).

Eventually, as agreed, she returned to Doc’s apothecary. Twice she went back, and twice Doc waved his magic wand and declared the time was not right. On the fourteenth day Doc agreed to go ahead. “There is one more thing I must do,” he announced. And with this he turned to Liz’s husband “In order to lift the curse I need a part of your soul, a vial of your very essence.” The husband was led into a small room festooned with literature and curious imagery and with a great effort managed to extract a small amount of liquid that contained his very being. Doc examined his outpouring and deemed it of high quality.

He then examined Liz closely, “You are ready. You have the potential to produce a child.” And with that, the essence was inserted into the very core of Liz’s body.

“We have done what you have asked,” said Liz. “Has the curse been lifted?” The Doc look surprised and declared, “I have no idea. Go away for another two weeks and see if the witch turns up or not.”

And so they left, not knowing if this was happily-ever-after or the never-ending story. . .

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