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Murphy's TTC Law

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a blog by liz

We all know about Murphy’s Law. Well, my own particular take on it is "Womb For Improvement’s Law." Everything you are about to read has happened to me, but these are universal happenings for anyone trying to conceive:

    • Your period will start hours after weeing on a pregnancy test.

    • The more expensive the test, the quicker your period will appear.

    • If there is a free pregnancy test nestled in amongst your ovulation tests, that’ll be the first stick you pull out and wee on before noticing it was a pregnancy test not an ovulation test.

    • If you or your husband has an overnight work trip it will always straddle your ovulation day.

    • The more you are told to ‘just relax’ the more stressed you become.

    • The date of any holiday postponed in case you are pregnant will pass without a pregnancy.

    • Any top you buy with an eye to it being good maternity-wear will go out of fashion long before you get a chance to wear it whilst pregnant

    • Your friend who, when you tell her about your infertility says, “Wow! It didn’t occur to me it could be so hard, I guess we’d better start trying too,” will get pregnant within four months.

    • Any work social will take place during your two-week wait (and some bright spark will loudly question if you are pregnant when you decline the booze).

    • If you have IUI in December, you will find out whether it has worked on Christmas Day (yes, my last IUI was on December 1; I get to test on the 25th).

And just in case you are wondering, it doesn’t work in reverse! I’ve tried buying jeans that wouldn’t allow an inch of growth during my two week wait, hoping it would cause a pregnancy that would make them unwearable. No such luck . . .

I’m sure there are lots I have missed. What laws have you discovered?

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