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Feeding Your Body for Fertility

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a blog by liz, Mar. 12, 2010

I imagine that many of you, like me, have revamped your lifestyle significantly since the task of trying to get pregnant began. Less "my body is a temple," more "my body is an incubator" (or at least that's what we hope).

You've cut out alcohol, particularly during the two-week wait (although no one would blame you if, when your period arrives, you go and drown yourself in a vat of vodka). Coffee is but a distant memory.

You've started incorporating all kinds of fruit, vegetables and exotic foods into your fertility diet because of their perceived beneficial effects on health. You’re ferociously devouring green vegetables because of their high folic acid content. Slathering hummus on pita, because it is zinc rich and if you eat it maybe your partner will indulge, and that extra zinc might be just what his swimmers need to put some zip in their tail. Then there's the pineapple, because your aunt's neighbour’s hairdresser insists that it helps implantation.

Clutching at straws? Maybe. Wheatgrass is so vile it's got to be good for you.

But there are occasions when you can let your guard down: the Daily Shot recently recommended milk chocolate for its anti-oxidant qualities. (Seriously, if you haven't signed up yet please do - it isn't every morning you get an email encouraging you to gorge on chocolate).

And here's another bit of good news. A leaflet I was given by my doctor the other day regarding pre-scan preparation cautioned, and I quote: “You will need to avoid high fibre foods for three days before the scan.”

The list of foods they recommend eating includes:

    White rice, white pasta, white bread, custard, jello, ice cream, biscuits and cakes made from white flour. (When were you last encouraged to eat refined goods like this?)

Their foods to avoid?

    Fresh fruit, raw vegetables, spinach, cabbage, onions and pulses.

That's right, these wonderfully fresh vegetables that we are shovelling - how can I put this delicately? - create a gassy build-up in your bowels that can block the view of your ovaries during an internal scan.

So there you go ladies, you can’t be good all the time. So before your next scan, treat yourself to some processed stodge, absolutely guilt-free.

Just steer clear of the fizzy drinks.

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