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Making A Baby Is Like Making A Soufflé

a blog by Lori Butler, December 5, 2011

Many of my early childhood memories are of preparing family meals in the kitchen.

I remember the excitement of donning an apron and opening the big spiral-bound cookbook with my mother. Anticipation and an atmosphere of togetherness filled the air as we followed the directions and measured the ingredients.

One of my mother’s favorite expressions was “a watched pot never boils.” I could not, however, fully comprehend the meaning of this mantra until I craved a “bun in my own oven."

When I found myself challenged by infertility in my late 30s, I was seeking the fastest way to motherhood. Forget the oven, bring on the microwave! Don’t most recipes have more than one cooking method?

As I progressed on my fertility journey, I learned that making a baby is like making a soufflé. It’s not as easy as beating eggs, tossing in cheese, and pouring the mixture in a pie shell, like making quiche. Creating a new life takes preparation, precision and the key ingredient: PATIENCE.

What I learned on my quest to conceive, echoed the life lesson that my mother was attempting to teach me as a child. I readjusted my focus and waited longer than I had hoped, but I did eventually get pregnant and give birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Perhaps that’s what my fertility journey gave me, a taste of homemade patience. I know that embracing this gift makes me a better mother, and for that, I am forever grateful.


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