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Infertile Jetsetters

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a blog by Lori Shandle-Fox, Laughing IS Conceivable, April 8, 2011

A woman tried to convince me the other day that not only was it a fab idea to travel to other countries for fertility treatments, but what a wonderful opportunity to make it a vacation/second honeymoon/getaway at the same time. 

I barely heard a word she said. All I could hear was my own voice in my head: 

"So obviously this is a woman who's never been through infertility, let alone gone anywhere to cure it."

I mean: How are we going to "get away" from it all, when, infertility, the thing we're trying to get away from, is coming with us? 

Let's picture this, shall we?: We're flying to a country we've never been to before. Don't know the language, the culture, the medical staff ... or most importantly: the outcome of our procedures. Why not have a good time?! Hey, let's party!

I believe in the whole zen, “live in the moment” thing. I just don't think I'd personally be able to fly, say, to Brazil, to get my tubes unblocked and take in the sights.

"All right, the procedure's at three, so maybe I have time to squeeze in a butt lift in the morning and a bikini wax and topless beach in the afternoon ... Okay, honey, the alarm on my phone just went off. Time for surgery. Hand me the top of my bathing suit will ya?"

Or we could make this into a jet-setting adventure to Spain. Does anyone know a good fertility clinic in Pamplona? Maybe we can schedule my egg retrieval around the Running of the Bulls. I get a long needle stuck into my butt every night. How bad could it be to get gored by a bull? I probably wouldn't even notice.

Oh and my husband and I are both huge tennis fans. Do you think maybe we can find a Parisian egg donor and arrange for her to ovulate in the Spring? If we could coordinate with the French Open, that would be great so we won't have to make two trips.    

Or could you maybe find out where Brad Pitt might be shooting his next film and where the closest fertility clinic to the set is? I think it would be fun to crash at the Brangelinas during this trying time. PLUS it would help prepare us for taking care of kids. Or change our minds about having them altogether.

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