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Infertile? Don't Let Halloween Scare You!

a blog by Lori Shandle-Fox, Laughing IS Conceivable, October 23 , 2011

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If you've been trying to get pregnant for a while and you're dreading Halloween, you're not crazy or weird.

You're also not the only one.

If you tell people you don't like Thanksgiving or Christmas because it's hard for you to be around family — especially family with kids — that might sound reasonable. But try telling them you want to spend Halloween with all the lights off (both indoors and outdoors), alone in bed under the blankets with the $22 worth of Halloween candy you bought. They might think you're nuttier than your 40 little yellow packs of peanut M & M's.

The truth is: Anything can trigger you feeling down when you're having difficulty getting pregnant. And why wouldn’t a holiday that's often all about kids make you feel that way?

Halloween isn't just one day either. There are the weeks prior to it filled with hay rides, apple picking and pumpkin patches. There are dozens of autumn events that are geared toward families and escort us right up to October 31.

But there are some easy ways to navigate Halloween:

  • Get involved in Activities that Don't Include Kids. Have an "adults-only" party. (I would rephrase that on the invitation, though. Guests might not come dressed in costumes … or anything else.)
  • Keep a bowl of candy outside in a well-lighted area away from the front door. This way, you can avoid the pitter patter of little feet on the porch, but your guests can still make their way into your house.
  • Or, just don't be home. (That was easy.) Get in your car and go far away from the ringing doorbell. Forget about the dopey holiday altogether and go out to dinner or any movie that’s not rated “G."
  • If you feel guilty (for some unknown reason) for blowing off the neighborhood kids, again, leave that bowl of candy out front and drive off. If one obnoxious kid comes and mooches the whole thing, you'll never be the wiser.

And remember … A month after Halloween, nobody is still showing off some over-priced nonsense her spouse gave her for the holiday. And two months later, nobody tells you how security had to remove them from the store because customer service wouldn't let them return it for a full cash refund.

Unlike other holidays, once Halloween is over, it's really over.

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