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Having Trouble Getting (Staying) Pregnant?

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Thank you to reader Cilipadi for asking about Dr. Alan Beer’s work:

I came across your blog and your comments about Dr. Alan Beer. I've been treating my fertility for the past 3 years and still have had no success. I read about Dr. Beer's immunology theory and programs. What does his treatment entail?

If you have trouble getting pregnant — or staying pregnant — an overactive immune system may be to blame. And a tricky immune system may just be getting trickier and trickier the more miscarriages you have.

I’ve had chronic fatigue syndrome, CFS (or known more accurately as myalgic encephalitis in Europe—there’s much more to it than fatigue). On top of that, I have seasonal allergies and autoimmune thyroid disease, all of which got worse when I had my son. That’s also when I started having the miscarriages. I’d get pregnant easily (we got pregnant with him on the first try), but then miscarry anywhere from 7 to 12 weeks.

A friend who had been diagnosed as infertile (and also had thyroid problems) started doing this “immune” protocol that I’d never heard of. It caught my eye not only when she went on to have not one but two babies(!!). It turned out they were using intravenous immunoglobin (IVIG), a treatment we were using for our son. She mentioned this to Dr. Beer when she saw him and he said he felt he could absolutely help me…with my CFS!

When I first contacted Dr. Beer, I wasn’t really worried about the pregnancy thing because I was getting pregnant all over the place (including the months we were using condoms), but I was intrigued by his protocol, which involved, for me, the first-ever holistic view of my various autoimmune problems as well as some genetic tendencies I had to blood clotting (many of my relatives have died of strokes). I won’t get into all the nitty gritty here, as everyone’s situation is different, but suffice it to say that, though Dr. Beer (who has since departed—sniff) treats you as an individual, there are certain categories your immune problems can fit into.

Once we started getting more serious about pregnancy, I got more deeply into some of the treatments, like the IVIG. Earlier, Dr. Beer had just prescribed things like B vitamins and fish oils and baby aspirin. While this protocol is not all herbs and fish oil (e.g., the blood thinners are pharma drugs), it just basically helps your body function better. My thyroid has improved, I feel MUCH more energetic, and some of my seasonal allergies have resolved.

Basically, his protocol fits nicely within my GreenFertility mantra:
Improve your fertility by improving your health.

Dr. Beer’s clinic, the Center for Reproductive Immunology & Genetics, is located in Los Gatos, California, but the good news is that not only can you do many of the things remotely by phone and by sending in your labs to their lab in Chicago, they have a list of doctors who work with them. And they even have doctors all over the world, some of whom have been trained by Dr. Beer himself. Many patients combine Beer’s treatments with IVF and other medical fertility treatments.

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