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Antioxidents: Can't Hurt, Could Help


a blog by Marie Lee

Especially for older women and women (and men!) with “unexplained” infertility, antioxidants may be your new best friend. Basically, the process of aging produces free radicals and, the older you are, the more free radicals you are exposed to. These things cause all the things associated with aging (including chromosome damage that can result in birth defects and miscarriages). Free radical damage can also be caused by things in the environment such as radiation (including sunlight), exposure to chemicals, etc.

But the good news is that taking antioxidants can prevent and even reverse this damage. The best place to find antioxidents is in foods called “superfoods” because they contain high levels. Examples include goji berries, blueberries, mangosteen, noni, and acai.

Acai keeps coming up as good for fertility. There aren’t, as far as I can find, any clinical studies proving this, but given its superior nutritional profile, it can’t hurt. It grows freely in the Amazon, and friends who’ve been to Brazil say you can just buy it on the street. It has an appealing, deep purple color, and there is some suggestion that it also revs up your metabolism to help weight loss. A writer friend who keeps ridiculous hours even claims it give him endurance!

Since there aren’t any studies to point to, my husband and I drank acai juice and smoothies for two months to see what would happen. We drank Amazon Thunder organic juice and made smoothies from Sambazon’s smoothie packs.

Acai isn’t cheap, but we wanted to go organic and these were the only two organic products I could find. Amazon Thunder (which is mixed with a grape concentrate) definitely tasted the best. The Sambazon pulp tasted good if we mixed it with other fruit. My favorite thing to do was to make a smoothie out of vegetables (kale, lettuce, etc.), one apple with skin on, some flax, and a Sambazon packet. You can find Amazon Thunder in health food stores like Whole Foods and Sambazon on its website (10% discount for FertilityAuthority readers!)

Not sure what it did for fertility (the jury is still out), but we did notice a nice energy boost. PLUS, as I wrote in a previous post, I am being treated for immune problems and my immune markers during this time dropped fairly significantly. Maybe that’s why I was feeling better?

I’d file this under “Can’t Hurt, Could Help.”

p.s. I was encouraged to try the Mona Vie product, which is mostly acai, but there were some chemical preservatives in it and it wasn’t organic. Blech.

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