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How's Your Baby Chi?

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a blog by marie lee

I’m a big believer in feng shui (the Asian belief that the way you arrange things in a room can affect things). That is, ever since my poet friend was hanging out in my office and said, “Man, the writing feng shui of your office is ba-a-a-a-ad.” Not exactly a believer, I still grabbed him by the lapels and screamed, “What do you mean by that????” The thing was, I was having a bit of writer's block at the time.

I guess it was because my desk (in an attic office) was facing a sloping wall. He said, simply, that to counteract the ceiling sloping (blocking energy), I needed to get a clear crystal and suspend it over my head. (This is particularly odd because my name in Korea means “clear crystal” or “brilliant crystal.”) So I went to the local bead store and was impatient and annoyed because of all the weird things they had in there, they didn’t have any quartz crystals.

As I stomped out, I ran into some guy SELLING CRYSTALS ON THE STREET. Whoa! I’d never seen him before though I walked the same way every day. Anyway, to make a weird story ever weirder, after I picked out a crystal I wanted, he GAVE it to me for FREE. He said I looked like I needed it. WEIRD. And I never saw him AGAIN.

So I did climb on a chair and suspend the crystal from the ceiling, much to the amusement of my husband. And I did finish that story and get it published! (You can read it here.)

Another thing my friend told me was to clean up my desk and office. He said clearing the office would help my chi flow more easily.

Ah, so let’s talk baby chi. Making a baby takes lots of energy, so, surprise surprise, when I casually asked my friend about fertility chi, he did say to clean up the bedroom, especially around the bed to not obstruct the baby chi.

Some other tips:

  • Close the bathroom door! Not just out of politeness, but chi can escape down the toilet!
  • Red is a major fertility color, add some to your bedroom.
  • Yes, clean your bedroom, but don’t sweep/dust around the bed at conception time.
  • Keep a statue of Kwan Yin, the goddess of fertility in your bedroom. She is also known as the female Buddha and the Goddess of compassion and mercy. I have a really cool statue where she is holding a baby in one arm and feeding a dragon (my astrological sign) with the other. (Any fertility acupuncturist who knows their stuff will have one.)
  • Rose quartz is a fertility enhancing crystal to have around. A friend told me the raw, unpolished kind was the best.

Most importantly, have fun!

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