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Giving Up Coffee to Boost Your Fertility

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I’m giving up coffee!

This is not as simple as it may seem. First, coffee is part of my spiritual practice; I ALWAYS drink (make that “drank” ) coffee when I write. You can bet seven children’s novels, an adult novel, countless short stories and op-ed essays on that. Interestingly, I don’t need it or want it at any other time of the day, but in the morning, when I’m writing, nothing is nicer than a steaming cup of java.

I’ve heard rumors about coffee being bad for fertility, but I’ve heard conflicting things. People with Type A blood, for instance, do better with the acidity coffee provides. Some of my alternative health practitioners have said NO COFFEE while a few others said a cup a day won’t hurt.

Coffee seems to be in a class all by itself. There’s the caffeine issue, but is there more? Dr. Randine Lewis, a fertility acupuncturist, cautions against coffee’s volatile oils. She suggests no caffeinated beverages at all and thinks green tea is much better choice. Then there’s the theory that coffee taxes your adrenals. Alternative medicine practioner, Iva Keene, also cautions that coffee can cause STRESS and STRESS is bad for fertility. She cites a study suggesting that even my one little cup can halve one’s chances of conceiving.

I already only drank one cup each morning (and it was a tiny, thick-walled china cup) and I mixed it with dandelion root. But now I feel like, since I’ve never been off it more than a month (and I crabbed about it the whole time), I need to really do this for a couple months and give it a fair chance.

So, I’ve been coffee-free for a week — no caffeine headache (as I wasn’t getting much at all.) Obviously not physically addicted, but psychologically?

I’ve gone with the green tea (sencha is a “juicy” tea that at least has some mouthfeel) for the last few days.

Maybe I’ll bite the bullet and go caffeine free. But what to drink? Those “coffee substitutes” look as appealing as soy cheese.

I might have to just do something totally different. Suggestions? You can also tell me on Twitter: @Myungok.

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