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Gluten: Could This Everyday Food Be Causing Your Infertility?

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a blog by marie lee, March 2, 2010

Cereal in the morning? Bread? Pasta? Love those bagels? Believe it or not, what was once considered healthy may be lethal to your fertility.

I used to love Sunday bagels, but then I felt terrible for the rest of the day. Bagels are made with HIGH gluten flour and gluten can cause problems for people who lack the genetic ability to break it down into smaller amino acids that can be absorbed. Because it doesn't get broken down, the immune system recognizes it as a "foreign protein," and attacks it. Gluten can act as an intestinal abrasive.

Gluten can also aggravate a thyroid condition which is also tied to your fertility. Apparently, people who have celiac disease, a disorder in which your body makes antibodies to gluten (and is also linked with infertility), often have anti-thyroid antibodies, and vice versa. Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The View had trouble conceiving until she was diagnosed with celiac disease and now she has *three* kids. A study from Harvard's Brigham and Women's hospital showed that people with anti-thyroid antibodies (also known as Hashimoto's thyroiditis) often can reduce the inflammation by following a gluten-free diet.

Given how important the thyroid is for regulating hormones (including fertility hormones), it seems like going gluten-free (not just wheat-free, gluten is the protein in wheat that is also found in oats, rye, spelt and is often ADDED to products labeled "wheat free") can't hurt and might help.

Sure, I miss pizza but I feel tons better, and, interestingly, my husband (who is super healthy and has no issues at all) actually said he felt better, too. He wasn't sure if it was his imagination, but after a couple of times traveling where he fell off the wagon, he realized gluten made him feel tired. Our son is autistic and many people remove gluten from the diet for this reason, so our whole family is wheat and gluten free.

It's not just ordinary folks who are going ths route. Many athletes looking to maximize their performance are also choosing to go wheat and gluten free because these ingredients are hard to digest and hard on the immune system.

Again, talk about the pros and cons with your doctor/nutritionist. Maybe talk to your doctor about getting tested for celiac. You can read about what Dr. Mercola thinks about gluten and fertility here.

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There is a connection between getting enough iodine for your thyroid and being able to have children. The thyroid is a gland that has much to do with many body processes. It sounds like eating a lot of white flour products can not only contribute to a person having a thyroid problem, but also having a fertility issue as well. It's best to just use whole grains, but if you have become gluten sensitive from having too many refined products, then you have to be extra careful.

Believe it or not, this is the first time that I've heard bread, pizza and pasta can cause infertility. I am into Italian food and I really can't believe it. I'l consult this with my doctor and nutritionist. Thanks for the info! -Janyce Roane, Accountant

I must appreciate the whole healthy content of this blog it might be a good choice for food to make the whole day healthy and protective, While choosing a food is a better remark for whole the day, most food are contains high amount of fiber and protein which seems to be a trouble disorder in the body so its better to have a perfect food with a perfect guidance.
dr krauss

hmmp.. its a quite informative info..talking about fertilazation well its normal on a ladies, now i know what are the foods that needed being fertile. And addition on having check- up by the doctor.

I have been battling infertility for almost 4 years, earlier this year I found out I had Hashimoto's - I started a natural thyroid with my naturopath. I also got my menstrual cycle somewhat back after 4 years - I am now 2 months into a gluten-free life, losing my weight, and feeling great. I was told for years by Drs. to do IVF and to take hormone replacement medication and that I had premature ovarian failure and my body would never recover.
Wheat & Gluten free!

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