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Sperm Donors Wanted ...


a blog by Michelle Ottey, PhD, Director of Operations, Fairfax Cryobank and Cryogenic Laboratories, Inc., December 9, 2010

Most people have seen ads for sperm donors at some point: in a newspaper, online, billboards, or subway ads. Did you ever wonder exactly what happens when someone is interested or how accurate the promise of compensation is for those who are interested in sperm donation?

If so, I can clear that right up for you.

Unless you are talking about a research study a guy cannot just walk in and donate sperm. That is a common misconception that we in the sperm banks face often. Most television and film portrayals of this process are far from accurate, so we all get “walk ins” who think we are being completely unreasonable when we do not allow them to donate, collect some cash and run. In fact, several sperm banks have multiple online or application steps before a guy can even schedule his first visit to the sperm bank.

If someone sees a sign or ad calling for sperm donors, usually the first step is an online application. This can be short or extensive depending on the sperm bank.

Becoming a sperm donor requires extensive knowledge of your family medical history, a willingness to be tested frequently and a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle.

Once the guy is invited to the sperm bank, he has to produce several specimens to screen for the overall health of the sample, as well as the ability of the sperm to survive the freeze/thaw process. The initial screening takes several weeks from start to finish, and then comes the infectious and genetic disease testing. When everything is clear and the guy’s health has been verified, he will become a sperm donor.

Sperm donor compensation will vary from sperm bank to sperm bank, but it is true that some donors will be compensated several hundred dollars for each visit. When you take into account the time, abstinence, travel, testing, and the overall opportunity they are providing, the compensation is well deserved.

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