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You Know You're a Choice Mom When...


A humorous hot topic with the Choice Moms online network this week has been creating a Top 10 list, in Jeff Foxworthy fashion, of ways we can relate to each other as single women who proactively decide to build a family on our own. Here are some of the leading suggestions.

  1. You've freaked out patrons in a nice restaurant by talking about sperm, ovulation cycles and sperm donors with your brunch companions.
  2. Mother's Day is a Holy Day; Father's Day is spent with a lot of women and children.
  3. You take your breast pump with you on a first date.
  4. The most intimate relationship you've had in a while has been with your fertility doctor.
  5. You simply smile in response when someone bonds with your single parent status by saying: "Me too -- the kids go to their dads every other weekend," or "Me too, my partner is a cop/firefighter/nurse so I'm a single mom 2 to 3 days a week."
  6. Your child is away at a sleepover and you don't know what to do with yourself. Then you make a to-do list of 20 items and find you don't have nearly enough time after all.
  7. Two weeks, while in the trying stage, is the most agonizingly long period of your life. And if “Aunt Flo” (your period) comes, it is the most agonizing period of your life.
  8. You spend your morning helping your kids get their shirts on so they aren't inside out and their pants aren't on backwards. Then you get ready for bed and realize your tag is on the front of your shirt and your shirt is inside out.
  9. You tell people the Dad's name is "donor 5824" and they look at you as if you are from outer space. Then you get to explain how you bought the boys online.
  10. You have a childhood picture of your present or future child's "donor dad" stored in your iPhone.

Now go ahead ... offer your own. We'll compile them into a full review for the Choice Mom community.

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