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Taking a Forced Break from Fertility Treatment?

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a blog by tori, Feb. 12, 2010

We're on a forced break from treatment and, the good news is, there's been one unexpected benefit: Our relationship is hot.

Let's face it, fertility treatments are hell on a marrriage, not to mention what they do to your sex life. You're either too hormonal to be interested in sex or too worried to "do it" because you’ve just had your procedure done. Or maybe you and your partner are just too down in the dumps to care about it. Sound familiar?

Well, I'm happy to report that over the last couple of weeks my husband and I have regained our semi-newlywed, mid-20’s sex life. We’ve also had lots of fun just flirting, laughing, watching movies, and playing games without worrying about the all encompassing, ever looming "treatment schedule."

Over the last couple of years of TTC, we've have lost a lot of our innocence and our naivety about the ease of having a baby. We watch our friends start and expand their families and we feel more and more removed.

When we were actively pursuing treatment, it felt like we were in slow motion in the baby making business. Now, with our forced break, it feels like we are just on pause . . . . frozen in time. Things are moving on around us, but we are standing still.

But, like I said, I know this break is good for us. The baby rollercoaster is a vicious one, with loops, dips and climbs like nothing any amusement park has ever seen. Right now we are just standing in line, but we know we’ll get back on the ride soon enough, and eventually even finish it (hopefully with a great souvenir!)

But while we wait in line, let's just say we're reconnecting.

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Hello, I agree with you. We are taking the same break far from fertility protocols. We were exausted. After one year of contiuous IVF protocols we decided to stop. Everytime we had to stop our life doing everything for IVF. It's enough. We have to recover our energy and then start again. All our friends got pregnant in a easy way and we have to fight just to hope.
Just when we will feel ready again, we will think about the next steps. We have a great doctor who suggested us to take a break.
I cross my fingers for all the couple are in our situation.

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