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Queen For A Day

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Some children (and maybe adults for that matter) imagine what it would be like to be Queen for a Day. Can you imagine? To be rich, to have people bowing down at your feet! Dressed in a purple robe, seated on a throne studded with diamonds! Can you imagine your scepter in hand, waving in the air, making royal decrees for all your subjects to follow? All eyes are on you, the Queen. The people envy you. The masses follow you. Oh, to be you.

The day of the embryo transfer for IVF leaves you feeling somewhat like this. Except, instead of playing ‘Queen for the Day,’ you are living out the fantasy of ‘Pregnant for a Day.’ Why? Because for that one day, even if only for that day, there are living embryos inside of your womb. They may be floating there just for the day, but they are there. For that one day, you have something inside of you that has potential, and you just can’t beat that feeling.

Being ‘Pregnant for a Day’ does leave you feeling somewhat Queen-like. I was able to lounge around in my robe. My husband opened all the doors for me. Snacks and water were brought to me at the snap of my finger. I sat in my recliner with my feet propped up like the Sovereign Ruler of my home. No one asked me to do the laundry, clean the dishes, and vacuum the floor. Dinner was delivered by a family member, and I even got to choose the menu. In the evening I was escorted to bed and tucked in gently.

I am sure not all days of pregnancy would be so luxurious, but it was divine on this one day.

‘Pregnancy for a Day’ even extends into the next day if you return to work. I was given a special one day pass to join the ranks of the few who can proudly belt out exclamations such as, ‘I can’t lift that!’ and ‘oh, that smell is just too much for me!’ I parked in the special close-up lot. I was allowed to leave early. I didn’t cringe at the sight of cars lined up outside the Labor and Delivery Unit waiting to take home perfect brand new babies.

And like some little girls who have the dream of being a Queen, I dream of the day when my ‘Pregnant for a Day’ status can be elevated to ‘Pregnant for Nine Months.’ I fantasize about the moment when my status can be elevated to ‘expectant’ or ‘carrying’ or anything other than ‘infertile.’

What would it feel like to have the magical pee that turns that second line pink? How marvelous it would be to be told I was pregnant.

Oh, the smile that would light up my face on that day. When….if….

On that day I will feel like a Queen.

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I'm sorry you were only a Queen for the day this time. I hope you get your nine month reign soon.

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