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Celebrities Pregnant at 40 and older

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These days, many celebrities are conceiving later in life. Just to name a few, Uma Thurman (pregnant at 41), Nicole Kidman (pregnant at 40), Julianne Moore (pregnant at 42), Salma Hayek (pregnant at 41), Tina Fey (pregnant at 41), Jennifer Connelly (pregnant at 40), Kathryn Morris (pregnant at 44), Elaine Irwin (pregnant at 43), and Jennifer Garner (pregnant at 39). In recent media, these women are opening up and speaking out to defend fertility treatment as intrinsic to their success. Celine Dion, Marcia Cross, Kelly Preston, and Mariah Carey open up about their pregnancies and the lengths they had to go to in order to conceive later in life.

Celine Dion, 45, and husband Rene Agnelil, 71, gave birth to IVF twins in 2010. Celine has opened up about her struggles with trying to conceive and the IVF battle she had to go through before giving birth at 42 to two beautiful (and healthy!) boys.

You may consider Marcia Cross, 50, from the hit show Desperate Housewives to be strong and fearless like her character, Bree Van de Kamp. In reality, the star fought infertility for years before becoming pregnant with twins. In a photo shoot with Living Easy Magazine, Marcia was asked to model as a spokeswoman for older mothers. She declined saying, ‘Are you kidding? It's a miracle I have these two daughters. Your forties is not the time to be thinking about getting pregnant.' Her statements rings true in that many women see older actresses conceiving and assume giving birth at 42 is easy. We appreciate Marcia opening up about her struggle and voicing the truth about trying to conceive later in life. Go Marcia!

Kelly Preston gave birth at 48 to her son Benjamin in 2010. Kelly’s hubby John Travolta, 59, and she went through IVF to conceive.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon gave birth to IVF twins earlier in 2011. Carey had previously opened up about having a miscarriage. The couple was hesitant about admitting to treatment but revealed later that they did in fact undergo treatment. The couple gave birth to a boy and a girl, right before renewing their vows in the hospital. At the time of the births, Mariah was 41 and Cannon, 30.

The problem with all-this-buzz surrounding these older pregnant mamas is that most of them do not openly admit to assisted pregnancies. In interviews, their trips to clinics, doctor appointments, hormone shots are overshadowed by “wow, this is such a surprise at 42!”. Much controversy surrounds Halle Berry and her alleged ‘unexpected’ pregnancy. In a recent interview with, Dr. Joshua U. Klein, medical director of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York-Brooklyn opens up. He explains, "We don't want the 38-year-old woman deferring childbearing to take this as proof that they can easily conceive naturally in years to come,’ … ‘When you hear of people in the public arena who are pregnant in their 40s, the obvious suspicion is that they've availed themselves of fertility treatment, but aren't being transparent about it," Klein said. ‘I'm not saying that's what Halle Berry did, but the odds are against her having conceived naturally at her age’ … ‘Natural pregnancies—when a woman is trying to get pregnant with her own egg—do occur in women in their mid-40s, but it would be nearly miraculous’, Klein continues to describe how becoming pregnant naturally at 46 would occur in less than 0.01% of pregnancies.

We appreciate the influential women in the limelight who have opened up about the truth behind assisted pregnancies! IVF success is something to be proud of! We appreciate the older mothers who use their power and influence to speak the truth and so, help younger women see the health risks associated with conceiving at 40.

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I think Elaine Irwin had a miscarriage. She was engaged and pregnant. Supposedly she never had the baby, and is no longer engaged

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