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Why You Need a Health Coach for Fertility

a blog by Shana Kurz, August 2, 2012

I wish someone had told me this seven years ago. “Shana, you think you are eating healthy, but in actuality you should make some changes. Eating McDonald’s on road trips, drinking skim milk like water, white pasta, white rice, Diet Coke, coffee, Splenda, Cheez-its for breakfast … it’s all making it harder for you to get pregnant. And I have some ideas for gradual changes we can make together.”

But I wasn’t overweight, and I didn’t have any diseases. Even my fertility doctors were stumped. I had unexplained infertility for two years and was told numerous times that I was young (28 to be exact), implying that this just didn’t make any sense. But after I got pregnant through IVF and gave birth to my twin boys, I started to focus on my boys' nutrition and in turn my own diet. Seven months later I’m spontaneously (and surprisingly) pregnant again.

(And it’s not because I wasn’t stressed anymore, because my twin babies were stressful. They were born early and had many follow up appointments because of their small size, a huge worry as a new mom. I also didn’t have a nanny or family close by, and my husband worked so much that he only saw the boys awake in the middle of the night or on weekends.)

So let’s take a look at the changes I made after my boys were born. I started to cook more meals because the option of eating out became close to impossible. In order to cook, I needed to grocery shop, read labels and plan meals. This reduced the amount of processed foods, salt, sugar, saturated fat and trans fat I consumed. It also increased the amount of vegetables, fruit, nuts, whole grains, minerals and nutrients I was consuming. And I was exercising daily. I had a kick-a** double stroller that I pushed around every day, even in the rain. And although my sleep was interrupted often, I was focused on getting enough, which included naps during the day to catch up.

And it’s better late then never, because after another year and a half, I’m spontaneously pregnant again (Boy #4). And that’s when I had my "aha" moment.

In retrospect, I now realize exactly who was missing in my fertility tribe — a Health Coach. A Health Coach guides and supports you while you make healthy diet and lifestyle changes. I could have avoided some of the heartache and medical intervention and have had a support system in place to focus on my fertility and improve my chances of getting pregnant. According to Harvard University, up to 84 percent of ovulatory infertility can be reduced by changes in diet, weight and activity level.

After understanding the impact a Health Coach can have on fertility, I decided to become one. At last, I could use my experience to support others. Take a look around my website to learn more at, and then contact me for your free consultation.

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