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The Beauty of an FET

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a blog by S.I.F., November 16, 2010

There isn’t a lot to get excited about after a failed IVF cycle.

You can’t help but feel as though you have put everything you possibly could into getting pregnant, only to fail. And now what are you supposed to do?

Hard to Get Your Hopes Up

Knowing that the odds of success are practically cut in half for frozen cycles, it’s hard to get your hopes up even if you do have some embies on ice. It's hard to convince yourself that even though the fresh cycle failed, the frozen could still hold the key. It could be the answer to everything.

It’s hard to believe, because you still don’t really understand why the fresh round failed in the first place.

And so going into a frozen embryo transfer (FET), trusting that it could be the round where everything works out, is hard.

The Benefits of Frozen Embryo Transfer

The beauty of a frozen embryo transfer is that everything is different. Perhaps even better.

Your hormone intake is greatly reduced, meaning less night sweats, hot flashes, injections and crazy mood swings. There are even rumors of women who have better success rates with frozen cycles than with fresh because the reduced hormone levels are easier on their bodies. Less hormone induced stress = better baby breeding grounds.

With an FET, there is no fear of hyperstimulation and certainly no fear of understimulating. You go into it pretty much knowing what you have to deal with and how many embryos are waiting for you. It's even likely that you already know their quality and grading.

This may lead to fewer nights spent lying awake worrying about and questioning every step of your cycle.

The check-ups along the way for a frozen embryo transfer are notably cheaper, but even more importantly, they are far less frightening. You aren’t waiting day after day for a doctor to tell you your follicle count. You don’t find yourself staying up next to the phone waiting for further instructions.

You’re practically able to continue living your life as though nothing different is going on at all.

The Best Benefit — Reduced Wait Time

The real beauty of an FET lies in the wait time — the wait time that is almost cut in half — because when transferring a 6-day-old embryo, you could feasibly test positive within a week if everything works out according to plan.

A week.

Again, there's less worrying and wondering and stressing.

It’s hard to throw hope behind an FET after a failed frozen cycle. But the beauty of a frozen embryo transfer is that those frozen embies are there waiting for you, pleading with you to give them a chance, even when you’ve started fearing that all hope is lost.

The beauty of an FET is the chance to focus solely on those ice babies. Rather than a slew of hormone-induced symptoms and a wait time that feels like pure torture.

The beauty of an FET is that it can restore your hope even when you thought you would never hope again.

The beauty of an FET is that maybe, just maybe, it could be your path to baby. An easier, cheaper, and quicker path to baby than your fresh cycle ever was.

The beauty of an FET is that it’s another shot, just when you were starting to think you were running out of chances.

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