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Another Year Gone ...

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a blog by S.I.F., December 28, 2010

Another year gone. For so many, another year spent trying to conceive.

Another year that was meant to bring a child into your life, and for reasons you may never understand, didn’t.

And so you find yourself here at the cusp of another new year. With the same fertility resolution you had last year, possibly the last few years.

To bring a child into your life. No matter what it takes. No matter how you have to sacrifice. Your resolution this year will be the same as it has been in years past — to become a parent.

It’s difficult to retain hope when month after month (year after year) you have faced failure. Heartache. The pain of never knowing whether or not your dreams will be realized.
It’s difficult to keep moving and keep dreaming under those circumstances.

But here you are, at the beginning of another new year; still dreaming. Still hoping. Still believing. That somewhere in the next year, the change could come that brings you your child.

As those around you are making resolutions to find a new job or lose 20 pounds or seek out love, you are making the same resolution this year that you have before. To bring a child into this world you plan on loving from here to eternity.

So what are you going to do differently this year?

As you sit down and think about this resolution, it’s important to recognize that whatever you’ve been doing in the past hasn’t worked. It hasn’t brought you the baby you’ve dreamed of.

And so in order to regain hope, you need to come up with a new plan. Something you can put your heart and soul behind. The plan that is meant to bring you to your baby.
Whether it be to seek out a new fertility doctor who seems to listen to you more or to plunge yourself into alternative treatments, the key here is to build yourself a new plan.
Because in doing something differently, you will find yourself gaining confidence in your moves again. Starting to believe that perhaps this could be the thing that works.
And perhaps it will be.

Perhaps next year you will be able to find yourself staring lovingly into the eyes of your new baby, or cradling a baby safely inside your womb.

Perhaps a new plan of action is all you need to make this year’s resolution finally come true, so that next year you can change it up. Pledge to accomplish something new. To conquer a different goal entirely.

The goal of being the best parent you can possibly be.
To the little one who has finally decided to bless your life and heart.

Here’s to a New Year. With a new plan. And new hope. For the future you very much so deserve.

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