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Alternative Treatments for Your Fertility Journey?


a blog by S.I.F., January 4, 2011

As you begin to wade into the waters of fertility treatments, you will undoubtedly find yourself accosted with options you aren’t yet sure you’re prepared for. It’s scary stuff — all the fertility medications and interventions that could feasibly be involved in your baby-making future.

People typically foresee themselves facing these options. So, when you find yourself there, it can be rather daunting.

Reactions to the Range of Fertility Treatments

People usually have one of a few different reactions to the choices of fertility treatments when they find themselves there. There are those who are ready and willing to try anything and want simply to jump in head first. Then there are those who are open to some interventions, but not quite ready to consider anything too involved or heavy yet.

Finally, there are those who just aren’t sure about any of it. The ones who question what the medications involved will do to their bodies. The ones who find themselves asking how far they’re willing to go in this quest. The ones who simply aren’t sure that this is all for them, despite how badly they yearn for a child in their arms.

For those with any hesitation at all regarding what the medical community has to offer, there are other options. Alternative therapies may be the answer without the same level of invasiveness that western medicine dictates.

Exploring Alternative Medicine for Fertility

Now, there are those who tend to turn their noses up on these alternative treatments. People who don’t see any benefit at all in acupuncture and herbs. But it’s important to remember that these alternatives have been practiced for decades. And that more and more, the medical community is starting to recognize the effectiveness of some of these practices.

It’s obviously important to know the specifics of your case and to go into treatment with appropriate expectations (for instance, a woman with closed tubes isn’t likely going to get pregnant simply by utilizing acupuncture alone). But for some, these alternative treatments can provide a path to baby that is less fraught with medical intervention than you may have previously been led to believe.

So don’t be afraid to seek out these other avenues and determine if they are for you. Ask your fertility clinic for referrals to acupuncturists, as they will likely know of names specializing in fertility. Seek out a naturopath and make changes to your diet as they deem fit. Take a few extra herbs (under the advisement of your alternative care practitioner of course). Don’t be afraid to try something new. Something you may have never heard of before. Something that could possibly hold the key to unlocking your fertility.

It's Your Fertility Journey

The only thing to remember is that no matter what, this is still your fertility journey, which means that the path to baby is still yours to design. It can be intimidating to face the gauntlet thrown by infertility. But don’t be afraid to follow your gut. And to find the treatments that feel right to you. The options that leave you the most at ease. Even if that does mean lying naked on a table as needles are plunged into various points on your body.

Because sometimes, finding your way to baby means being willing to do whatever it takes. So long as you’re the one defining exactly what that means.

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