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One Big Fertility Planit

The Fertility Planit Show, Los Angeles

a blog by Suzanne Rico, December 13, 2012

On every fertility journey, it’s good to have a guru—a mentor who can guide you through the maze of medicines, treatments, doctors, and self help books out there. Mine was Randine Lewis, author of “The Infertility Cure,” a book that not only provides vital information on how to approach baby-making holistically, but also details a clear path for how to take charge of your own fertility.

I found Randine after spending a sleepless night in 2004 scouring the internet for information that might help stop my pregnancy from going off the rails—a slowing heartbeat indicated that miscarriage was just a matter of time. With the intensity of a bloodhound with nose to the trail, I tracked Randine, and when we finally connected, her kindness, knowledge and empathy flowed through the phone line. Eventually, I lost that baby—the miracle of Randine had not happened soon enough—but after reading her book, adopting her ideas, and attending two of her fertility retreats, I hit the mommy jackpot and carried my son nearly to term.

Now, in a coincidence that feels similar to having very good karma, Randine and I will share the same stage at the Fertility Planit show in Los Angeles in January 2013. Fertility Planit is the only consumer show of it’s kind in the U.S., a weekend-long forum where all the information, support and inspiration you need to build a family will abound. And you might just find a mentor!

Teaming up with Randine to moderate her session on treating infertility conditions naturally is like coming full circle for me—and I hope I don’t deluge Randine with tears of gratitude, but I probably will. Because eight years ago, I showed up at her retreat feeling sad and sure I would never be successful at having babies. Randine showed me how to keep hope alive, and now, as a mother of two who feels like we do indeed live on one big Fertility Planit, I get to be part of helping other would be parents achieve their dreams. How cool is that?

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