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Frozen Egg Donor Banks Sprout in Wake of New Technology

Orlando Sentinel,  Sept 8, 2012

You've heard about sperm banks. Now, at long last, make room for their genetic equivalents: egg donor banks.

After years of failed attempts to effectively freeze donor eggs, a revolutionary technology has finally fine-tuned the process, giving birth to a cottage industry of banks with a growing national catalog of healthy donor eggs.

But a revolutionary freezing technology called vitrification has allowed IVF specialists to freeze healthy eggs at a fraction of the time, half the cost and about the same success rate of the more laborious fresh egg donation process.


When Can You Get Pregnant? Many Women Don't Know, Study Claims

Huffington Post,  Sept 6, 2012

Women seeking help getting pregnant at fertility clinics are often confused about when they're most likely to conceive naturally, an Australian survey finds.


Time-Lapse Incubator Use For In Vitro Fertilization

Medical News Today,  Sept 2, 2012

Mayo Clinic recently marked its first births resulting from in vitro fertilization using a new time-lapse incubator that minimizes disturbances from human handling as embryos develop and helps fertility specialists better identify the healthiest embryos. Mayo experts say it may improve pregnancy outcomes for all patients receiving IVF. The twins born at Mayo and babies delivered at the Fertility Centers of New England mark the first reported births in the United States using the technology.


Scientists Grow Sperm From Skin Cells

Medical Daily,  Aug 29, 2012

Researchers were able to grow sperm in a lab using skin cells. The scientists believe the technique could be used to cure male sterility in the future.

In the present study, researchers wanted to know if adult skin cells can be made to get back into their primitive type and re-grown as a precursor sperm cell.

The research can help men diagnosed with cancer. Cancer therapy destroys all fast-growing cells including precursor sperm cells. In the future, fertility can be restored in these men by obtaining a sample of their skin tissue before the therapy


Bill ensuring equal access to fertility services for same-sex couples passes California Senate

LGBT Weekly,  Aug 29, 2012

The California State Senate has voted 26 to 10 to approve a bill that would ensure that women in same-sex relationships and single women can access fertility services on the same terms as women in different-sex relationships. Assembly Bill 2356, authored by Assemblymember Nancy Skinner and co-sponsored by Equality California and the National Center for Lesbian Rights, would allow women using known donors to access certain fertility procedures that are less expensive and more effective.


Link Between Sperm DNA Quality In Older Men Improved Nutrition

The Daily Californian,  Aug 28, 2012

Older men looking to have children may want to monitor the amount of vitamins in their diet.

A study published Monday in part by researchers from UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that a higher intake of micronutrients — vitamins and minerals like vitamin C and zinc — is strongly associated with improved DNA quality in the sperm of older men.


Substance In Mammalian Semen May Have A Direct Effect On The Female Brain

Medical News Today,  Aug 21, 2012

An international team of scientists led by Gregg Adams at the University of Saskatchewan has discovered that a protein in semen acts on the female brain to prompt ovulation, and is the same molecule that regulates the growth, maintenance, and survival of nerve cells.

Male mammals have accessory sex glands that contribute seminal fluid to semen, but the role of this fluid and the glands that produce it are not well understood.


Bill would expand fertility coverage for veterans

MSNBC,  Aug 20, 2012

A bill being considered in the Senate would expand the VA's medical benefits package so other veterans, and their spouses or surrogates, don't have to bear the same expense. The department currently covers a range of medical treatment for veterans, including some infertility care, but the legislation specifically authorizes the VA to cover IVF and to pay for procedures now provided for some critically injured active-duty soldiers.


Many Egg Donor Recruiters Ignore Ethical Standards

Reuters,  Aug 10, 2012

A sizable share of the U.S. organizations recruiting egg donors online don't adhere to ethical guidelines, including failing to warn of the risks of the procedure and offering extra payment for traits like good looks, according to a U.S. study.


Too risky for toddler to meet sperm donor father, judge rules

National Post,  Aug 08, 2012

The potential risk of introducing a Northern Ontario toddler to his genetic father at this point in his life is too major to be ignored, a judge has ruled in turning down a sperm donor’s bid for interim access to the boy, now being raised by his biological mother and her lesbian partner. A full trial is scheduled for this October to consider the man’s demand for paternity rights.

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