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Progyny owns and runs, a comprehensive, interactive online network for women and men seeking fertility and infertility information, advice, clinic information, exclusive pricing and consultations. Our website is designed to provide quality information on a wide range of fertility topics, as well as simplify your search for a trusted fertility doctor or fertility clinic.


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Legal Update: Gestational Carrier Arrangements

Legal Update-female judge.jpg
Issues arising with international surrogacy

by Melissa Brisman, Esq. and Lauren Murray, Esq., July 12, 2010

This month’s legal update highlights problems arising from international gestational carrier arrangements. A gestational carrier is a woman who carries a pregnancy for a third party and is not biologically related to the child that she is carrying.

Legal Update: Health Care Reform and Your Fertility

How changes in Congress will affect the infertility field

by Melissa Brisman, Esq. and Lauren Murray, Esq., May 11, 2010

This month’s legal update focuses on the passage of comprehensive health care reform by the U.S. Congress and a memorandum issued by President Barack Obama concerning hospital visitation.

Health Care Reform

There has been no shortage of debate over President Barack Obama’s plans to reform the health care system in this country. Now that details about our new comprehensive health care reform legislation are coming to light, I find myself reflecting on how the new legislation will impact reproductive law and the field of infertility.

Lesbian Couple Win Fertility Bid in U.K.

BBC News,  Feb 27, 2009
Lesbian Couple Win Fertility Bid in U.K.

A lesbian couple who were "not classified as an infertile couple" have won the right to NHS (National Health Service) IVF treatment to help them have a baby after threatening to sue health chiefs.

"A spokesman for the board said: 'As a couple, these two individuals are biologically incapable of conceiving and the board, therefore, initially took the view that the couple did not meet the necessary criteria to receive NHS-funded treatment.


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