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by Jill Blakeway for

Trying to get pregnant and not succeeding can feel very disempowering and out of control. As an acupuncturist, I like to encourage my patients to participate in their own healing and have found that one way that women can profoundly affect their own fertility is to maintain a healthy weight.

How weight affects fertility.

My Heart Must Go Out to Her

<b>Congrats Celine . . . AND Rene.</b>

a blog by the editors

I can live without ever hearing My Heart Will Go On again in my life. In fact, almost any Celine Dion song is like nails on a chalkboard to me. But, holy cow, Celine Dion is reportedly pregnant! And I couldn’t be happier for her.

Granted, no reputable source has reported this yet (People doesn’t count) so I’m hoping it’s true. Celine’s 41. Her first son is 8. She’s struggled with infertility for years and has undergone many rounds of IVF. Yes, she’s a celebrity, but she’s human just like the rest of us. She must be elated! I feel the same, for her, that is, and for all the other women out there who have conceived via ART.

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Meet the Meyers

<b>We're the In-Betweenigans.</b>

a blog by joy and jim


This is not a complaint. Okay? Let’s just get that straight right now. But lately I’ve noticed that there’s really nowhere for the “Pregnant Infertile” (how’s that for an oxymoron?) to go. I have one foot in the door of potential parenthood and the other back in Clomidtown. Should I be happy or scared? The women who’ve never had trouble in the fertility department, are they terrified too? Just asking.

Do You Have Unexplained Infertility?

woman using voice.jpg
<b>Study shows a faster, less-expensive, safer route to pregnancy.</b>

There is exciting and hopeful news for patients with unexplained infertility. A recent study demonstrates that in bypassing IUI with injectable medications and going straight to IVF, patients will get pregnant at a faster rate, save money, and lessen the chance of having multiple births.

Pregnancy Tests

preg test.jpg
<b>How tests in the doctor's office differ from the ones you do at home.</b>

Pregnancy tests are designed to detect the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). HCG is often called the “pregnancy hormone” because it is produced during pregnancy and is made by cells that form the placenta. Blood tests to detect the hormone are conducted by a doctor, while urine tests can be self-performed with a home pregnancy test (HPT).

Blood Tests

Blood tests are slightly more sensitive than urine tests and can detect very small levels of hCG. This allows doctors to get an accurate reading very early on in the pregnancy, about 7 to 12 days after conception.

Is Your "Exercise Personality" Fertility Friendly?

woman excercising.jpg
<strong>Find out!</strong>

a blog by Beth and Tami of Pulling Down the Moon

Some women have a less-than-healthy relationship with physical exercise.

Some hate it and struggle to fit it in to their day. Chronic under-exercise can make it hard to maintain a healthy body weight or may contribute to sluggishness and depression.

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IUI: What to Expect

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<b>Read this tell-all!</b>

a blog by Liz

At the moment, I am closer to being pregnant than I have been for years. Maybe forever. I’ve just had Interuterine Insemination (IUI).

I was prescribed clomid to kick start my dormant ovaries into action. I had heard numerous horror stories about its side-effects so I was expecting hot flushes, mood swings and general bitchiness. In a way I was quite looking forward to them, just because then I would know that the drugs were working. But . . . nothing.

I felt normal.

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The Anxiety of Pregnancy After Infertility

by Iris Waichler, MSW, LCSW

Women who have experienced infertility desperately long to hear the words “You are pregnant.” And when you do, there is a sense of elation and disbelief as you recognize that your dreams of pregnancy are now a reality. However, for many women there is a lingering fear that something will go wrong during your pregnancy and you may lose your baby. You won’t allow yourself to believe your baby will be healthy until you see it and hold it in your arms. Where does this anxiety come from and how do you make it go away?

3 tips for soothing your nerves.

Does Your TTC "To Do" List Dictate Your Life?

<b>Try this exercise and take it back!</b>

a blog by Beth and Tami of Pulling Down the Moon

Many spiritual teachers espouse the idea of “being fully present" or "in the ‘Now.’” My guru always says, “Learn to be a human being, not a human doing.” These seem like wise words from a wise man in a time when our lives are mostly dictated by “to do lists.”

Female Orgasm is Good for Fertility

<b>Now, don't let it stress you, but here's why!</b>

a blog by Beth and Tami of Pulling Down the Moon

Duh! Female orgasm is good for just about anything, wouldn’t you agree? Sex experts suggest, though, that the most fertile sexual positions are those that stimulate orgasm in the woman.


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