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Low Budget Fertility

<b>5 down and dirty, low budget steps to jump start your fertility!</b>

a blog by Tami and Beth of Pulling Down the Moon

If you’re stressed out and want to start your family, but you just can’t afford fertility treatments right now, here is a down and dirty, low budget, highly effective five step program for jump starting your fertility the holistic way:

    1. Have sex … for fun for a change.

Have Your Doctors Told You?

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<b>3 early ultrasound markers may predict your pregnancy outcome.</b>

a blog by Marie Lee

Now this may be putting the cart before the horse, but I found it SO TRUE for my viable and non viable pregnancies that I kinda wish I had known it so I could have known better what to expect. Basically besides your ‘betas’ (the rate at which your pregnancy hormones are doubling), three markers in an early ultrasound can predict with up to 94% accuracy (slightly less for women over 40), whether your pregnancy outcome will be successful.

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August's RE of the Month: Mark P. Trolice

<b>Why he's a doc who wows us.</b>

Mark P. Trolice, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., F.A.C.S., F.A.C.E.

Director, Fertility C.A.R.E.
Founder, Fertile Dreams
Winter Park, Florida
(407) 672-1106

At FertilityAuthority we love docs who not only “talk the talk” but also “walk the walk.” Dr. Mark Trolice does just that. He’s put an amazing amount of time and energy into “lowering the emotional and financial barriers to IVF,” promoting adoption as a family building option and working to “remove the stigma of any form of family building.” We’d like to recognize him as our RE of the Month for August 2009.

The Advocacy Sessions

by Barbara Collura

What do we want? Insurance coverage!

When do we want it? Now!

We will continue to work on a federal bill requiring insurance coverage for infertility treatment even if takes 15 years of advocacy efforts—like it did to secure passage of Connecticut’s state law mandating coverage!

15 mandates and counting!

Finding a Fertility Buddy

<b>It’s hard to let people in; but, oh, so much better when you do.</b>

a blog by Beth and Tami of Pulling Down the Moon

So after the last couple posts I wanted to round back to the idea of fertility yoga since it may have seemed like I was dissing it. Let me be clear. I absolutely wasn’t. Fertility yoga is very, very special. But the whole point of the last few posts was to give you absolutely no excuse to not start yoga! Now let’s hone in on the fertility thing.

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Inside the Egg Donation Process

<b>Your potential donor has to go through rigorous screening. Learn more.</b>

There’s been a lot in the media about the rising number of egg donors spurred on by the bottoming-out economy. If you are considering egg donation to build your family, the reports give you pause. Are agencies and clinics accepting less qualified donors as a result? Are financially desperate donors being taken advantage of? Are donors outnumbering intended parents?

New to Treatment?

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<b>6 tips to help you get the most out of your appointments.</b>

a blog by tori

During my appointment with my RE last Friday, I had a lot of time to think, and I realized that I have learned some very important things on my adventure through infertility.

Here is my “advice:”

    1. First, and most important, know and like your RE, and even more importantly, his or her team.
    Your RE will quickly become one of the most important people in your life. You’ll memorize his phone number quickly. His team will be people you see at least four times a month until you have a successful cycle. The nurse that handles your “case“ will be like your new mom (lucky you). She’ll order you around and expect you to check in at very specific times. Don’t test her … she will cancel your cycle if you don‘t follow the rules.

Not Just for the Ladies

<b>One man dares to venture where others hesitate to go: Couples Yoga.</b>

a blog by Beth and Tami of Pulling Down the Moon

This weekend is yoga date night at Pulling Down the Moon in Chicago. We offer this class once a month as a way to get the guys in kicking and screaming. You know what? They all crab about coming but across the board they leave smiling. Frankly, they need it as much as their partners.

Think you can’t get your honey to join you in starting yoga? I thought for fun I’d share with you a guy’s perspective on yoga for fertility (My husband Matt wrote this a while ago and I thought it was pretty honest):

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Sperm Donation

<b>Find out if donation is right for you and how to go about finding a donor.</b>

Donated sperm can be used in a variety of ways to help single women and couples build biological or genetic families.

Who are candidates for donated sperm?

  • Single women and lesbian couples. The sole means for women without male partners to become biological parents is via donated sperm or a donated embryo.
  • Heterosexual couples in which the male is sterile, has a low sperm count or poor sperm quality. In fact, in about 40 percent of infertile couples, the male’s sperm is the sole or contributing factor.

Dashed Hopes

HEART bandaged.jpg
<b>We forget to prepare for the non-events, the no shows, the cancellations.</b>

a blog by Liz

Dashed hopes are the hardest thing about infertility treatment.

And I'm not talking about the big ones -- the failure to get, or keep, a pregnancy -- but the smaller, forgotten ones along the way:

    - The belief that you'll get answers when you go to your doctors only to find tests were inconclusive, or other investigations need to be done.


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