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Father of None, Father of All

<b>George Washington didn't have any children, but he did father a country.</b>

a blog by Pamela Tsigdinos

The line snaked down a gravel path for nearly a quarter mile and the wait time to get into the historic home on the edge of the Potomac River was nearly 55 minutes long. The shade from the tulip and oak trees helped to bring relief to the antsy and eclectic group of people shuffling their feet waiting to get a look back into the life of Martha and George Washington.

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A Look at Fertility Books

<b>"A Child Against All Odds" by Robert Winston</b>

a blog by Liz

When I started A Child Against All Odds by Robert Winston, I devoured the first chapter and wanted you all to read it. By the end of Chapter 4, I didn’t want any of you to read it. When I finally finished it, I was torn.

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Do Twins Run in My Family? Nope.

by Dena Fischer

Over the five and half years since my twins were born, I’ve been asked, probably close to a gazillion times, whether twins run in my family – usually by a total stranger. My answer, no matter how rushed I am, how friendly I’m feeling or how much my kids are driving me crazy in that moment, usually contains something along the lines of “nope – it was a whole lotta science.”

Why I’m not uncomfortable “outing” my infertility to strangers.

Take Your Dog to Work Day

<b>I don't have a daughter to bring to work, but I can bring my adorable pup.</b>

a blog by The Editors

OK, I've got a "To Write" list a mile long, but I just have to blog quickly about how much I love the e-letter Little Pink Book, tagged as "The ultimate collection of fashion, style and corner office smarts." It arrives in my email box daily and 9 times out of 10, I find it interesting.

So I just read today's LPB and it really hit home. "Bulldog in the Boardroom" is about showing your softer side as a boss by taking part in "Take Your Dog to Work Day," Friday, June 26:

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Let's Talk Cervical Mucous!

women and cookie.jpg
<b>It's key to your fertility. Here's how to check yours.</b>

a blog by Marie Lee

Let’s talk cervical mucous! This may involve looking at the tissue after you wipe, or poking around in your (as Oprah would say) va-jay-jay.

Cervical mucous is a wonder of nature. During your infertile times, it provides a nice plug to keep bad things out of your cervix (in fact, some birth control pills work by promoting what’s called “hostile” mucous?). But as you get closer to ovulation, your mucous should become more copious, clear, and stretchy (think “egg whites”). If you look at it under the microscope, you’d see these little fiber thingies in it that are all jumbled, but near ovulation—tadah!—the fibers all go one way… making a ladder to help the ol’ sperm along.

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Stimulating Discussion

pills on spoon.jpg
<b>There's so much involved in even getting to the point of beginning ‘stims’</b>

a blog by Murgdan

"Stimulating" is defined as "‘to excite to growth or to greater activity’, ‘to rouse to action or effort’, ‘spur on’, ‘to invigorate’." There are few things more exciting or invigorating than realizing that you may be just a few short weeks away from finally getting pregnant.

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You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

<b>Unbelievable things we've subjected ourselves to in the name of fertility.</b>

a blog by Joy and Jim Meyers


When I think back to all the things we’ve tried in the name of fertility, I have to laugh. I wouldn’t normally describe myself as a risk taker. In general, I’m pretty fearful of new things. But when I started thinking about how I’ve been handling my fertility treatment, I guess I’ve been pretty experimental. If something is inexpensive and relatively painless, I’ll consider it. Here’s a little glimpse into a couple of the notable things I’ve tried:

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What Do I Say to My Friend Who's Having a Hard Time Having a Baby?

1 to 10.jpg
<b>Keep it simple, Sally.</b>

a blog by Liz

This isn’t really a post for you, that is, for you, if, like the rest of us, you're having difficulty conceiving. It is a post for those people who use search terms like, What do I say to my friend who can’t have a baby? and end up here.

First, let me say, well done for even thinking about it. Thanks for trying to be sensitive.

Secondly, think about these statements:

My friend’s sister has blue eyes and she has perfect eyesight. So I’m sure you will be fine.

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How Does that Shoe Taste?

<b>We all have one don’t we? That well-meaning (but obtuse) friend.</b>

a blog by Pamela Tsigdinos

We all have one don’t we? That well-meaning but obtuse friend, I mean.

RE of the Month

<b>Dr. Andrew Toledo really wows us. Here's why.</b>

Profiling the Doctors Who Wow Us

Andrew A. Toledo, M.D.

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