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When to See an Atlanta Fertility Doctor

Is it time to move on from your Ob/Gyn?

If you are struggling with infertility in Atlanta, you are not alone. Currently, there are over 190,000 people in the Georgia dealing with infertility. Georgia is home to nine fertility clinics, four of which are located in Atlanta. There are about 19 fertility doctors affiliated with these clinics in Atlanta who specialize in infertility.

Atlanta Fertility Clinic Success Rates

Live birth rates for IVF cycles at Atlanta fertility clinics

When you are looking to choose a fertility clinic, you will undoubtedly turn to success rates to help you make your decision. The Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Report, produced by the CDC, is an important tool because it lists the success rates for every fertility clinic in the United States.

Choosing a Fertility Clinic in Atlanta

Image of Fertility Clinic Atlanta
Find the fertility clinic that's right for you

There are four fertility clinics located directly in Atlanta, and another five located throughout the state of Georgia. There are more than 20 fertility doctors that serve these Atlanta fertility clinics, which are either independently owned or operating in conjunction with universities or hospitals.

Atlanta Fertility Clinic Options

Visit the Find a Clinic search on every page of to find a fertility clinic in Atlanta.

What to Look For When Choosing an Infertility Clinic

Atlanta Attorneys Offer Legal Assistance in Building Families

Consider working with a lawyer specializing in reproductive law

Fertility treatments can become very complex when a third party is involved — as in the case of egg donation, , or surrogacy. A lawyer who specializes in Reproductive Technology Law, sometimes referred to as Family Building Law, can be important in protecting your interests.

Donor Egg Success Rates in Atlanta, GA

Live births from frozen and fresh donor egg cycles

The following data from the most recent Assisted Reproductive Technology Report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), detail the number of donor egg IVF cycles and the number of live births at Atlanta, GA, fertility clinics.

Using an Egg Donor in Atlanta

Information on egg donation

The majority of donor egg IVF cycles in Georgia have taken place in Atlanta. The most recent Assisted Reproductive Technology Report contains information regarding the types of IVF cycles- fresh, frozen, and donor egg. For a complete list of donor egg IVF cycles in Atlanta, please click here.

Surrogacy in Atlanta, GA

Image of Surrogacy,Surrogate Atlanta
What you should know if you're considering surrogacy in Atlanta

Surrogacy is a type of assisted reproduction that utilizes a third party. One woman, the surrogate, will carry a child for the other woman, usually because she cannot conceive a pregnancy or carry a pregnancy to term.

Infertility Insurance Coverage in Atlanta, GA

Lack of a state mandate affects insurance coverage

Undergoing infertility treatment can be a draining process, both emotionally and financially. If you are looking for your insurance company to help shoulder some of the burden, it is important to research your individual plan to see what exactly it covers.

Atlanta Infertility Support

A therapist can help you manage stress and emotions that infertility brings

While you are going through your family-building journey, you may find your emotions changing from day to day, or even hour to hour. This is a very emotional time, and you may find yourself split between feeling anger, fear, anxiety, guilt, and sadness, among many others.

Atlanta, GA, Clinical Trials

Fertility-related research studies in Atlanta, GA

Clinical trials are important in the field of emerging medicine, since they test new medications, procedures, and treatments that can become helpful to a generation of people who suffer from certain disorders. Clinical trials are strictly regulated and controlled, and test a particular variable during the duration of the trial. They may occur simultaneously throughout different locations to utilize a larger sample size.


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