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Can You Address the Emotional Aspects of Using an Egg Donor?

Dr. John Schnorr, Medical Director of Coastal Fertility Specialists in South Carolina, explains that many patients will go through a grieving process when they realize they won't be able to conceive with their own eggs. And he explains why deciding to use donor eggs to build your family is a wonderful option.

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Should Children Born Via Donor Egg Know How They Were Conceived?

Dr. John Schnorr, Medical Director of Coastal Fertility Specialists in South Carolina, explains that disclosure to your child at a young age is important. He recounts the story of a 12-year-old girl who talks about how her mother was able to have her using egg donation, and what it's meant in her life.

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Is It Time to See a Charleston Fertility Doctor?

Reproductive endocrinologists in Charleston, S.C.

In South Carolina, there are nearly 90,000 residents struggling with infertility. If you are having difficulty conceiving, consider making an appointment with a fertility doctor.

Choosing a Fertility Clinic in Charleston, SC

Factors to consider

Choosing a fertility clinic is an important decision, and there are many factors that should be taken into consideration. For South Carolina residents, there are four fertility clinics located in the state. Of these fertility clinics, one is located in the Charleston area.

Charleston Fertility Clinic Options

Visit the Find a Clinic search on to find a fertility clinic in the Charleston area.

What to Look for When Choosing a Fertility Clinic

Charleston Fertility Clinic Success Rates

What they mean and how to use them

When you begin researching fertility clinics, success rates can be a good starting place. You can find the success rates for every fertility clinic in the United States in the Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Report. Published by the CDC each year, the ART Report breaks down the success rates by age group and type of procedure.

Charleston Fertility Clinic Data

Using an Egg Donor in Charleston

Where to start with egg donation

Using an egg donor is an option that is becoming increasingly popular for women with premature ovarian failure or a diminished ovarian reserve.

Donor Egg Success Rates in Charleston, SC

What they mean and how to use them

The following data, from the most recentAssisted Reproductive Technology Report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), detail the number of donor egg IVF cycles and the number of live births at Charleston, SC, fertility clinics.

Surrogacy in Charleston, SC

What to consider when choosing a surrogate

With surrogacy, a woman, known as a surrogate, carries a child for an individual or a couple. Surrogacy may be an option for women who have had recurrent miscarriages, difficulty conceiving, or anomalies of the uterus or no uterus. It can also be used for gay couples who would like the child to have a biological connection to one partner. Donor sperm may also be used.

Infertility Insurance in South Carolina

Check with your insurer to see if any treatment is covered

Fertility treatments can quickly become very costly, especially since multiple courses of medication or IVF cycles are often needed. Insurance companies help shoulder the cost of other medical treatments, but many times, they do not cover infertility treatments.

Charleston Infertility Support

What to do when you need emotional support

As you begin your process through your infertility treatments, you will find it comes with physical and emotional struggles. In particular, you may find your emotions changing rapidly. One day, you may feel sad or depressed, only to feel angry the next. It is common to feel all kinds of emotions, including guilt, hopelessness, fear, or anxiety.


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