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3 Everyday Toxins that Cause Male Infertility

alcohol and male infertility

Dr. Arthur Wisot a California fertility doctor with Reproductive Partners Medical Group explains how everyday toxins can cause male infertility, particularly the count and quality of sperm.

Gay and Lesbian Family Building

Written in partnership with California Fertility Partners
February 5, 2013

California Fertility Partners has been helping gay and lesbian men and women build families for more than 25 years. We spoke with Dr. Guy Ringler, a fertility doctor and partner at the practice about family building options for gay and lesbian individuals and couples

Natural IVF Information

Dr. Frank Yelian, medical director of Life IVF(Irvine, CA) explains the procedure for natural IVF. It is an approach in which, only a single egg is retrieved, through natural selection. No fertility medication or is involved in natural IVF. The patient is monitored for hormone level and follicle size, and then a trigger shot is given prior to egg retrieval.

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Mini-IVF for Fertility Treatment

Dr. Frank Yelian, medical director of Life IVF Center (Irvine, CA) explains the advantages of Mini-IVF for fertility treatment. In general, natural Cycle IVF is a good option for a women with poor ovarian reserve. One major advantage is that you use less medications, the patient has a much lower chance of developing any complications. Between ages 35-40, a mini- IVF, using 3 or 4 eggs, is a much better option.

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Advantages to Natural Cycle IVF

Dr. Frank Yelian, medical director of Life IVF Center (Irvine, CA) explains the advantages of natural cycle IVF. Conventional IVF is expansive and involves lots of medications and daily injections.Younger individuals with fertility problems only due to fallopian tube blockage or low sperm count are excellent candidates for natural IVF cycle, using one follicle and one egg.

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Top 6 Tips for Staying Healthy While Trying to Get Pregnant This Winter


It's cold and flu season, and we want you to stay healthy. Here are our top six tips for staying healthy if you trying to get pregnant this winter.

1. Get a Flu Shot

A flu shot is recommended for everyone but it is especially important (and considered safe) for soon-to-be-pregnant women. Even though it's safe, if you are still uncomfortable, you can ask for the preservative-free flu shot which most doctor's offices or flu shot clinics carry.

PCOS and Weight


Polycystic ovary syndrome (or more commonly and coolly known as PCOS is very common among women - it is a condition where the ovaries typically have various small cysts. These cysts can cause pain, they can moderately to severely disrupt a woman's hormones (typically women with PCOS have low levels of follicle stimulating hormones and high levels of male hormones), and they can adversely affect a woman's fertility.

Famous People Who are Adopted


When it comes to adoption in Tinseltown, there is usually a fair amount of attention paid to celebrities who build their families through some form of adoption. Most of us - even those of us who pretend not to know such things - can probably name a few celebs who have done so. But what about famous people who are adopted themselves? It's nice to see examples of grown up adoptees who have gone on to do interesting, extraordinary or noteworthy things. Here are some famous people who were in some way formally or informally adopted; some were adopted from birth, some grew up in foster care, some were raised by extended family - and some may surprise you.


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