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Egg Donation: Should Payment be Taxable Income or Not?

Should payment received for egg donation be taxed?
A California court considers how payment for egg donation should be taxed.

a blog by Suzanne Rico, February 25, 2014

As the business of fertility booms, the IRS wants to be sure it gets its piece of the pie---even when it comes to egg donation. But now a woman who has twice donated her eggs is arguing in a California tax court that the money she received as compensation (about $20,000) should be a tax-exempt payment for “pain and suffering”.

Surrogacy for Gay Men, Selecting The Surrogate and Egg Donor

gay men and surrogate

Guy Ringler a Los Angeles fertility doctor at California Fertility Partners is helping gay men explore their surrogate and egg donor options when trying to have biological children.

Egg Freezing Heating up in California

Egg Freezing in California

Egg Freezing in California is becoming more popular. More and more women are choosing to take control of their fertility health and they’re doing it with egg freezing, as Dr. Andy Huang, a California fertility doctor with Reproductive Partners Medical Group explains.

Gay and Lesbian Family Building

Written in partnership with California Fertility Partners
February 5, 2013

California Fertility Partners has been helping gay and lesbian men and women build families for more than 25 years. We spoke with Dr. Guy Ringler, a fertility doctor and partner at the practice about family building options for gay and lesbian individuals and couples

Natural IVF Information

Dr. Frank Yelian, medical director of Life IVF(Irvine, CA) explains the procedure for natural IVF. It is an approach in which, only a single egg is retrieved, through natural selection. No fertility medication or is involved in natural IVF. The patient is monitored for hormone level and follicle size, and then a trigger shot is given prior to egg retrieval.

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Mini-IVF for Fertility Treatment

Dr. Frank Yelian, medical director of Life IVF Center (Irvine, CA) explains the advantages of Mini-IVF for fertility treatment. In general, natural Cycle IVF is a good option for a women with poor ovarian reserve. One major advantage is that you use less medications, the patient has a much lower chance of developing any complications. Between ages 35-40, a mini- IVF, using 3 or 4 eggs, is a much better option.

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Advantages to Natural Cycle IVF

Dr. Frank Yelian, medical director of Life IVF Center (Irvine, CA) explains the advantages of natural cycle IVF. Conventional IVF is expansive and involves lots of medications and daily injections.Younger individuals with fertility problems only due to fallopian tube blockage or low sperm count are excellent candidates for natural IVF cycle, using one follicle and one egg.

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